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The first thought for anyone that encounters a car collision after getting to safety is where to get the car fixed. With this thought in mind, the next available auto shop usually seems to be the best choice, but that is not a good decision. Any autobody shop you choose should be one you trust and have done proper research on how they implement their services.
Getting professionals will help maintain the original structure of your car for a long time. Therefore, once you get the shop you want to settle for, ten essential questions are to be asked.

This article lists out the ten questions and the satisfactorily answer you can be confident in when they are answered.

1. Do you have a warranty?

Any good auto body repair shop should offer their customers a warranty for the repairs done. So, ask for the warranty they provide and the validity. Not only that, but you should also be aware of the coverage of any security they offer and the pros and cons of each. You can even probe further to know the terms and conditions of the warranty to be sure you are making a good decision.

2. Is it a certified auto body repair shop?

Most trustworthy auto body shops do not wait for you to ask about their certifications before showing them to their potential customers. If you ask if their facility is certified and they cannot show that it is, you are not sure of getting what has been promised. A good auto body shop with certified personnel will always want to give quality which is why you should only settle when they can prove that.

3. Does it offer rental cars?

Most car owners will still want to continue their work while their cars are repaired. If you would like a rental car to do that, ask if that offer is available and make sure you read the rental agreement thoroughly before signing. Also, you should inspect the vehicle for rent before taking it out. If you can, take good pictures for documentation purposes. Ultimately, make sure you aren’t going into another car issue when your car is being repaired.

4. How long will the repair take?

The car repair time frame depends on the damage done to the car. Yet, it is advisable to ask the auto body repair shop still when you should come for it. If you have an idea of that, you can plan well and know how much to spend on the rental car.

5. How vast are they with your car model?

If your car model is rare, you should be extra careful of the kind of autobody shop you trust for any repairs. Ask them if they have worked on your car model before and the ease of getting the vehicle’s spare parts. Please don’t force them to take your car as they might not have the expertise and repair parts to fix it.

6. Can they paint your car with the original color?

If you want to retain both the structure and color of your car, you should ask the shop if they can paint it exactly like the old one. It is also better to retain the former paint to decrease the accident area from being noticeable. Plus, if you want to sell, the paint will determine if it is will have good resale value or not.

7. Is the car protected while in the auto repair shop?

You don’t want to bear the loss or theft of your vehicle, so you need to ask this question. If the auto body repair shop assures you of taking responsibility, you can rest assured of safety for your car, which is paramount.

8. Will you get written estimates?

The written estimate is always a good defense for paying the proposed price. You won’t have to worry about paying more after the repairs are done if you have the written estimates. Plus, it also helps plan payment well before the shop finishes the repair.

9. What is their payment policy like?

Before you even ask for the payment policies, you should already see them listed in the reception office. But if it is not there, you can still ask, and they will outline it for you. Also, ask if they help with insurance claims and what you have to do in the process.

10. How soon can you wash the car after repairs?

Don’t assume the auto body shop has done everything and won’t make the mistake of forgetting to tell you when to wash. Instead, don’t forget to ask when to wash as some paints need to be extra dry before water comes on them. If the autobody shop tells you to keep it with them till it is dry, allow it and come back when it is fully ready.


Here you go- the top ten questions you should ask your auto body repair shop. Choosing the right auto body shop is extremely important, and we advise you to select the Maan auto collision centre. All our customers have good reviews about our repairs, and you can be sure of getting the best also. Give us a call today to get started on any auto collision issues you might have.