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Paint & Refinishing Services - Keep Your Vehicles Looking Clean and Bright

Paint and Refinishing Service

Your vehicle’s paint is often an important thing that everyone notices. If it is shining bright, good for you, but if your car’s paint is in bad condition like chipped, scratched, or damaged, it indeed raises eyebrows and doesn’t give a good feeling about it. It should give you an excellent reason to go for paint & refinishing services from a professional auto repair provider. At Mann Auto Repair, we offer our customers the best paint and refinishing services always to keep their vehicles looking original. 

Come to us, and we will guide you through the latest computerized paint-matching technology done by expert technicians. Use of best products to restore the original look of the paint is what we aim at. Our prime focus is to give you results as promised so that you feel great.

How do we Paint your Vehicle?

There are three main steps in the painting and refinishing process of a vehicle –


A primer is a base coat applied at the surface of the vehicle’s body once scratching the damaged paint area is done. It is usually put to make the scratched surface smooth and ready for paint. The priming step overcomes any manufacturing defects and levels the surface of the vehicle.

Base Coat

The second step involves applying primer to visible color effects. Base coats are of three types, including metallic, solid, and pearlescent. The kind of base coat used depends on the color of your vehicle or as per your requirements.


This step is a part where we apply a transparent coat of paint that is durable enough to withstand abrasion and chemically stable enough to withstand UV light. The choice of solvent or water-borne is paint is something that is your choice.

If your car needs a makeover and you hardly have time to get it fixed, contact us, and we’ll have your vehicle picked from home to get the job done for you. Our technicians and service members would give you a gist about the paint and refinishing process to get it done seamlessly.