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Recently, many auto collision shops have had specific setbacks linked to the supply chain issues they are encountering. This setback makes it almost impossible for many auto body repair shops to get the necessary materials needed for major repairs. But, the cause of this shortage is unknown to many customers which is why they are casting the blame on the wrong people.

In this article, we will discuss top three reasons these supplies have been delayed in the automotive sector.

1.  Global shortage of raw materials

It seems like every auto body shop seems to be short of raw materials, and this is because the shortage is global. Because of the pandemic that caused shutdowns everywhere in the US and other parts of the world, manufacturers have had difficulty producing raw materials. This is why it is difficult for the supplier to assure the autobody shop of timely delivery as they are not in the production end. The best way to address this issue is by proper planning and scheduling by the manufacturers to better balance demand and supply, which will ultimately prevent delays.

2.  Shortage of staff in the transportation industry

Once the auto parts are ready for delivery, the next thing that often delays is the transportation issues. The parts come from different continents, which means they have to pass through the sea and be cleared by customs. The delay begins when the number of personnel available to clear the goods is limited. There have been so many daily clearings of medical items for COVID purposes, which has made the short-staffed customs already stretched and unable to do the clearing speedily. With all this clearing traffic, the goods will take longer to get to the local shop you can readily access.

3.  Increase in international tariff

Over the years, the international tariff has maintained a steady amount, but with the trade relations affected by Brexit and other US and China issues, there has been a rise. This is why many shipping companies have also been forced to increase their rates. Some other shippers had to stop shipping because they couldn’t cope with the high tariffs leaving the number of shippers at a smaller number. Therefore, auto body shops have to pay more to ship goods that would come in after several delays.

What customers can expect

While all these factors are not excusable, they are yet still some auto collision centres that have been proactive in getting goods timely. The Maan auto collision centre has an affiliation with different manufacturers and therefore has access to auto repair parts that are not commonly available for other shops. Hence, we can assure you of getting your goods timely, and your repairs are done promptly.

We might have to wait for other specific parts as we hope that everything goes back to normal in the automotive industry. However, as we wait, we will be of service to any of your repair needs.

Give us a call today and let our team of professionals handles any repair works you might need to be done.