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Every time summer begins, cars are seen to be more than they were on the road during winter. Whether you drive often or occasionally, encountering debris on the road is not avoidable. No matter how big or small it the debris might be, it can cause something significant on your car in the long run. If you see wooden or metal pieces, plastics, and many other forms of debris, you should know the tricks to avoid a collision.

The tips listed below are what you need to read to minimize the risk of vehicle collision caused by the debris.

1. Limit your speed

To avoid a debris-caused collision, you need to drive on such roads with limited speed. The impact of your fast speed is always higher and more felt when you come across the debris, leading to a collision. But, when you see debris and drive slowly, you will be able to move away and limit the possibility of causing a crash. Also, if you are at high speed because of the vehicle ahead, it will be hard for you to control the car at that speed if that car applies a sudden brake. Therefore, your best bet on a debris-filled road is to drive with moderate acceleration to give you an excellent strategy to respond well to different unexpected happenings.


2. Keep a steady focus on Stopping sight distance (SSD)

When you apply the brake, the minimum distance, it takes before the car stops is called the stopping sight distance(SSD). This SSD varies from car to car, so you cannot use another person’s knowledge of their vehicle to gauge yours. Once you have mastered the SSD of your car, use it when you come across any debris on the road. With the right speed and the proper application of the brake, you can be able to successfully maneuver your way around the debris and avoid a collision.


3. Leave enough space between other vehicles.

Going closely with the vehicle in front of you is never ideal and primarily increases possible collision. You might be driving slowly but still endeavor to follow the car in front with sufficient distance. This trick will help you think of the best way to respond if there is sudden debris the front driver encounters. Plus, the space you give will help you see the debris well and calculate what to do to avoid it or minimize the damage to your car.


4.Contact the appropriate authorities.

Road safety officers are unaware of some debris on the road, which means we have a duty to let them know. If we all do our responsibility of reporting both small and dangerous debris, we would be saving someone’s life. Your duty isn’t to try to remove the debris but to make the complaint, and the right person will be sent to make the road safer for everyone’s use. So, do well to report timely and to the appropriate authority.


Most of the road accidents occurring in the US are due to the debris on the road. These tips have been saving lives and can save yours as well if you follow them to the latter.

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