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When there is an accident, the first response is to get an auto body repair shop. That might not pose as a challenge as several shops can help with the repair your vehicle needs. However, the major work is getting the auto repair shop that perfectly meets your needs. That is why we have highlighted these top tips to look out for before deciding on the right repair shop. If you want the services of a quality repair shop and want your work done promptly, keep reading to find out the six tips on the list.

Start from Family and Friends Referrals

Because you have never needed the services of an auto body shop doesn’t mean you don’t know someone who has used their services. That means they have one or two contacts of people they can call for their repair duties. If you don’t want you or your vehicle to go through any stress in getting a good auto body shop, start by asking your friends and family for their best car shop that they would love to recommend. Even with that, still make your assessment before going for that particular shop endorsed.


Read Reviews

One of the best resources to also start with when looking for a quality auto body shop is the reviews. It is even one of the easiest way to get to know about a company and the services they render. Look through credible online sources for these reviews and see what customers say about the company. If you don’t like what you read on the website, you have the free will to look through another till you find what you believe will be perfect for you. You shouldn’t settle for just any shop until you are sure they can deliver.


Check With Your Mechanic

Another tip you should also consider if you want to get a good auto body shop is by asking your mechanic. Most mechanics deal with auto body shops and are experienced to know which one does a good job and the not-so-good ones. If you ask them, they will be able to sieve out the ones they can recommend, of which you can take a step further to do your research on them.


Look for Certified Technicians

If you want to get the right auto body shop for your repairs, make sure you check if they have certified technicians when doing your research. Most shops with these certifications are quick to put it boldly on their website, which means you can’t miss it if you check for it. Also, you need to check if they are licensed to operate as a company in your area. If you can check these two things, you will be on an excellent way to hiring a fantastic auto body repair shop.


Ask the Right Questions

Because you will be paying for the autobody services, you have the right to ask as many questions as you have in mind before deciding to work with any company. Some questions will help you spot the right shop for your repairs. Questions like:

  • Do you offer warranties?
  • What will the work be done?
  • Does your company provide timely estimates?
  • How best do you work with insurance companies?
  • What are the security measures you have in place?
  • What are your payment policies?
  • Will my vehicle look like it was before the accident?
  • How long does your estimate process take?


All these questions should be asked, and you could also add any other personal questions not already listed to ensure you have the answers you need to hire.


Trust Your Instinct

This is the final yet essential tip you shouldn’t leave out when checking for the perfect repair shop. Yes, you might have gone through a series of reviews or been assured by a family member about a particular shop. But if you don’t feel it in your gut that this shop can adequately take care of your car, it is wise you don’t leave it with them. If you want the best, don’t rush to pick but make sure you aren’t unsure of what to expect of any company you choose. Feeling confident about a shop is the first good PassMark you need to set to hire, and that might take time to get, but it will be worth it in the end.

Getting Quality Collision Repair Services in GTA, Ontario Metro Area

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