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Most times, the first approach of any insurance company once an accident that causes vehicle damage has occurred is to refer an auto body shop. They do this because they have a connection with a specific auto body shop, but does this mean you need to follow their recommendation? Well, the easy answer is no. There is no law binding you with the insurance body shop for any vehicle damage.

However, if you wish to follow the advice, it is up to you to decide what works for you. Yet, when you are in the process of deciding what to do, there are certain things to consider, such as the benefits and disadvantages of a particular shop. Also, check if the shop you found can work with your insurance company before any agreement.

Why Insurance Companies Recommend Certain Shops

The big question is, why the recommendation? The truth is, most insurance companies already have signed contracts with auto body repair shops and would instead refer you there than somewhere else. It will be more beneficial for them to refer you to those shops than to bring a different body shop company for business. There would have been an agreement with those shops to use substandard parts or materials to help them make more money or for reference purposes.

Surprisingly, if you insist on working with another company, you will be persuaded into using companies directly linked to them. They do this because they mostly have a target to meet on those used repair shops that they refer. Some may even go to the length of insisting that only companies on their list will be in business with their firm. They could also discourage you that your repair shop might not have a good product they can warranty.

Nonetheless, this is not the case with Mann Auto Collision Centre as we always give a lifetime warranty for all products. It is no wonder why we are one of the most reputable auto body shops in Ontario.

Province Collision Repair Laws and Regulations

Before filing any claim with your insurance company, there are certain things to note about the rules and regulations of your province. Every province differs in the laws binding insurance claims and car repair; hence, you should know what your province is saying about it. One good way to find out is to do research and get familiar with the rules before opting for an auto body repair shop.

What are your car insurance repair rights?

Do you know that you have car insurance repair rights no matter the province you are located in? Yes, you do, and that is why it is crucial to know what those rights are in the province in which you are residing. One of the rights you have is that you are not confined to using the insurance company recommended by your insurance company. Also, you can expect the following when dealing with any insurance company.

  • Prompt response to all your questions
  • A concise explanation on payment of claims
  • Transparency in all coverage issues

All these should be included when in business with any insurance company. The only varying thing can be the time to fix the vehicle or the estimate they will cover in all repairs.

Can an insurance company force you to use their body shop?

No insurance company in most provinces, including Ontario, will force you to use their recommended body shop. The collision repair laws in Ontario says it is illegal for any insurance company to expect you to use a specific shop for your auto repairs compulsorily.

Can an insurance company force you to fix your car?

Well, it would be based on specific criteria for this to be classified as a force. Mostly, when you own your car, you might decide to fix it immediately or wait till you are in a better financial and physical state. But the case is different if you got your car with a loan.

If this is the case, then the urgency to get it fixed is higher; hence it becomes a little bit forceful. The lender will often want the loan collateral, which would mean that you get the car fixed promptly.

How to choose a Repair Shop That Has Your Best Interests in Mind

What would you do if there is no requirement to follow any insurance company’s recommendation? Your next move will be to choose the best auto repair shop that is right for you and would meet your repair needs. Here is how to spot the best:

  • Guaranteed lifetime warranties
  • Timely response to all estimates
  • Ability to work directly with your insurance company
  • Security is assured

Mann Auto Collision Centre is your trusted auto body shop that delivers excellent repairs for all vehicles in Ontario.

With our many years of experience and our team of trained experts, you can be assured of quality service every time. If you want to give your vehicle the best, contact us today and see how quickly and safely we give your car the best.