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Have you just bought a new car and you need to take it for maintenance? Are you contemplating taking it to a dealer or an independent shop for repairs or maintenance? Well, you are not alone as so many other car owners face these often and have different opinions on it. However, whether you decide to go for the auto body shop or a dealer, you will experience both the pros and cons of your decision. In this article, we have answered some common questions that can help you decide on the best side to fall to in this situation.

Keep reading to see these and the factors that determine the shop to visit.

Do Dealerships Do Collision Repair?

The simple answer is Yes. More elaborately, dealerships usually have a sector that specializes in collision repair. It is more of an arm of the dealership that only does bodywork and can help get your car to its original state once it has been involved in a collision. But, dealerships often prefer to outsource this type of repair to a body repair shop as this takes lots of time. So, they can help but are more likely to outsource it and focus on other standard repair work.

Do Dealerships Do Body Work?

The number of dealerships that do bodywork outnumbers those that don’t do it. The majority that do bodywork only do it for the models they sell as they have the resources to get it done. While those that cant handle it outsource it to body workshops to take off the pressure of repair. Repairs with the dealership also come with the faster repair but with service fees to guarantee that.This service fee is why most dealerships pressure their service department to rush through their repairs, and as such, they would make more profit.

Are Dealership Mechanics Better?

The truth is, most technicians that have stayed in a dealership for a long time have had first-hand knowledge of a specific vehicle make and model. With this knowledge, they are expected to be better than those at an auto body shop, but that is not the case all the time. This is because those at the independent shops also have the same factory training given to dealership technicians. So, the independent shop technicians may be better and have more experience depending on the number of years in the industry.

One advantage that independent technicians have over dealership technicians is their exposure to different vehicles. They will not just be repairing the same make or model every day as customers with unique vehicles will come for repairs or maintenance. Plus, the body shop tends to get certified as a collision centre for a brand of automobile, which is also an advantage.

Collision Repair Shop vs Dealer

Three factors can help you decide the best place your vehicle will get a good repair service.

  1. Price

The standard price at most dealership shops often surpasses that of the independent shop making the auto body shop an affordable option. Therefore if you go to the dealership, you shouldn’t expect to pay less as they have a standard non-negotiable price. So, if you want to save extra cash, going to an independent shop is your best option.

  1. Experience

There is always an unending argument on the mechanics with more experience and knowledge. But as discussed already, the dealership mechanics are confined to working on a particular model or make while the independent mechanic has experience on different brands. So, no specific rule states that independent car repair mechanics will know less, which means they are not a lesser option. Also, most independent shops have taken several exams and passed, which makes them certified and knowledgeable.

  1. Parts

Different car parts are available for both parties, but some specific parts are easy to get from the dealership than anywhere else. Since they focus on particular models of cars, they usually have some parts readily available than the independent shops. So, if there is a model that precisely needs to be repaired and the dealership is exclusive on it, then they are in the best position to have it fixed.

Repair Your Car Right the First Time

Looking at both options critically, both have benefits and can be costly to choose from. Anyone you choose is totally dependent on what you feel is the best option for you. Yes, you can trust the dealership on certain cars, but you also need to check the cost as it is bound to be more expensive. Ultimately, choose an option that is great for you after researching both.

Suppose you are in Ontario and need to fix your car; whether to do a body repair or maintenance, you have a great option here for you. Mann auto collision centre is your perfect stop for all collision repair, especially if you want it done the first time correctly.

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