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Vehicles need timely service to keep them running smoothly and faster. Proper service of tires, checking on oils, and keeping track of the engine are essential things that need to be taken care of if you own a vehicle. During harsh weather conditions, significantly when the temperatures rise, it is vital to have your car oils changed to adapt to the high-temperature needs. Doing so elongates the life of the car and keeps it intact.

You get it all under one roof at Mann Auto and promise quality car service solutions at pocket-friendly prices. 

Why Should your Change your Car Oils?

Thanks to advances in motor oil technology, vehicles these days are designed for adapting to more than one type of motor oil. We believe that using different motor oils for different seasons enhances the engine life and keeps your vehicle functioning smoothly at all times of the hour. 

Conventional motor oil has only one density or thickness called “single grade” motor oil. Drivers use a winter-grade oil during winters since it is thin and flows effortlessly in low temperatures. The oils expand and become light in the summer due to heat waves. Therefore, winter motor oils are swapped for thicker oils used in summers. 

How to Check if Your Car Oil Needs a Change?

Before changing the car oils, the following things need to be kept in mind. 

  • The foremost thing to check for is its color. If your car oil turns brown and gritty, it is time to change it since it will affect your drive functionality and won’t let your car run for longer.
  • The second most important thing to notice here is the engine’s sound. In some cases, the machine shows loud noise, which indicates that the engine might have started to wear. In other words, when engine parts begin to rub against each other, it is time for you to change the engine oil to keep it running smoothly. 
  • The third but not the minor thing to change your engine oils is when you think you don’t last remember about it getting changed. 

Do consult us at our website or visit our service station personally, and we would be more than happy to guide you about our car service solutions and fix your cars in no time.

Get Your Tires Changed for Better Mileage

Every tire comes with a life span of 5-6 years, and if you haven’t got them changed for more than the given period, your vehicle is at risk of having an accident. Tires are made from hard rubber that can withstand stress on various terrains. But overusing anything may either wither it or make it dysfunctional. At Mann Auto, we suggest you have your tires changed at periodic intervals so that you experience butter-smooth rides while on the roads. We offer our customers the best quality tires that improve their mileage on the highway and the driving quality to a great extent. 

Wiper Blades and Cooling System Check

Yes, you’re right; we do look into the minutest details about your vehicles, and servicing the cooling systems and wipers blades are equally essential for us to deal with everyday concerns our customers face while operating them. Wiper Blades have always been the most extensive since they take all the pressure of snow, rain, and dust storms and provide a clear view through windscreens in abnormal weather conditions. Therefore, over time, they get hard and stop performing well. Get them changed from us and keep your trips running smoothly at all times of the hour. 

The summer season calls for all kinds of troubleshooting in cars, such as overheated engines due to lack of coolant, oil leakages, cracks in hoses and belts, excessive wear and tear of tires, and much more. We recommend you get your cars serviced timely so that your vehicles are well taken care of and nurtured. Similarly, the cooling systems need to be serviced well on time to avoid brake failures. 

How are we Different from Our Counterparts?

Mann Auto is a well-known car services provider across Canada that hires more than 600 technicians and mechanics to offer customers the right kind of service needed to keep their vehicles running perfectly.

We work diligently on any car-related concerns and provide the right solutions as per your requirements. Our customers are our top-most priority, and we leave no tables turned to keep them happy.