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Have you just recently discovered a dent in your car, and you don’t know how it got there or what to do next? Well, if you are in this car situation, it is best you don’t just get frustrated as these things happen. Instead, your best approach is to get it fixed to prevent it from becoming worse.

How to go about it becomes the next big question. Not to worry again, as we have outlined what you need to do if you are in this state. Sometimes, you need to do the repairs at home without going in for a major repair. But in some other cases, you might have to replace the panels, which would need more than DIY attention.

When do you DIY, and when do you take it to a repair shop?

You will know if you can handle a dent by yourself and when it is beyond your expertise by first observing the tools you have at hand. Using some essential repair tools, you should handle minor dents that can be corrected without professional help.

However, you might have to extend that repair to a shop specializing in it when the dent is deep and extensive. You first have to be honest with your skillset when the dents are too much for you to get real help. If you can do that, you will be able to outsource the bigger tasks to the repair shop.

Dents like bumper dents are not to be done in the home as it requires high-tech materials to remove it and could be pretty tacky to achieve. The tools needed for such repairs are not common but special tools that only professionals use daily. Hence, it is best to leave those more complicated dents tasks to a company while taking on the more minor dents that need a DIY dent repair kit.

DIY Dent Removal

It is not impossible to fix the minor dents your car encounters, but before you can remove them, you need some tools. The standard repair kit comes with the right tools that can handle those dents and a guide that will help you use the tools well. Before starting, look through the instructions and be familiar with the devices, as they all have unique uses.

How do you remove a minor Dent in your Car Door

Do you intend to remove the dent in your car door, and you don’t know how to get started? Well, we have highlighted the significant steps you need to see if you will be using a repair kit.

  • Clean the area that has been damaged with a wet cloth, then dry it.
  • Check through the repair kit for a glue tab that has the size of the dent
  • Heat the glue and put just a tiny portion on the dent.
  • Then add the pulling tab to the core of the dent gently and allow to dry
  • The next thing is to place the pull on the tab and allow it to settle with the panel.
  • Use a hammer to smoothen the pull till you don’t see the dents any more.

How to Fix a Big Dent in your Car Door

If it is certain that the dent that needs to be fixed is a big one, you can follow the exact steps written above, but this time it will require a large glue to take care of the dent. When you follow the steps, you might have high spots eventually; that is why you should allow professionals to handle this large car dent removal. Yet, it is expedient that if you decide to do the removal yourself, either for a large dent or a small one, follow the instruction on the repair kit strictly.

Professional Dent Removal

Not everybody can handle dent removal themselves, especially if they have never done it before. If you are in this boat, your safest option is to allow professionals to take care of the removal. It doesn’t have to be large for you to give them the task as they are skilled to do it professionally without having paint breakage. If you attempt to fix a major dent with your regular home equipment, you might spend more trying to undo what became more damaged when you were fixing it.

Though the major challenge many people have with giving the dents out for a professional repair is the cost attached to it. But, the cost of removal depends on certain factors, including depth, size, location and the number of dents on the car. Also, the model of your vehicle determines the amount you will be paying. Generally, you shouldn’t be paying more than $120 for a dent that is as deep as 1 inch. But for a minor mark, as little as $10 to $30 can get the work done. But it all still depends on the other things already listed and the may other aesthetic work your car might need.

Get Your Car Dent Professionally Removed at Mann’s Auto Collision Centre.

If you need the services of skilled technicians to help with all your dent removal issues, the right shop to call is the Mann Auto Collision Centre. We have been delivering quality repairs for many years, and our technique is unique and credible. Also, you can be sure of getting value for your money as our repairs are long-lasting.

Whatever your dent issues or question may be, we have got you covered. Contact us today and watch us restore the beauty your car once had.