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Many car owners are dealing with car battery fluctuations every day. No doubt, it can be frustrating to have to face it, especially when you are driving. To avoid all the headaches and worries of driving a faulty battery, the best approach is to spot it early and replace it. The big question then is- How do you know it is time to replace your battery? Below are five common signs that show your battery needs to be replaced.

  1. Difficulty in switching it on: When you purchase a new car, it has a uniquely powerful sound when you turn it on. If that sound is replaced by sputtering noise, then it is a clear sign that your battery is having issues. When the battery is well-charged, it will give power to the rest of the car almost immediately and set you on your way as easily as a regular car. But, when it loses its efficiency, it will no longer charge and sputter before coming to full action.
  1. Electrical glitches: Another common sign to note is electrical malfunctioning in strategic places of your car. Usually, the doors lock at the first hit, but if it begins to take several jams to be in place, the battery might be the problem. Also, the windows should go up easily without having to force it manually, and if it doesn’t respond electrically, then it is being affected by the battery. When you notice these glitches, the best thing to do is replace the battery so it doesn’t alter another part of your vehicle.
  1. Low performance during winter: The battery is one part of the vehicle that doesn’t respond well to cold, especially when it is not at 100%. The cold adds to the pressure of the battery and makes it work more to keep the entire vehicle ready to work. If your battery is already faulty, it will respond to the cold weather by not turning on. You might have to stay in the cold for a long time trying to warm it up, and that is not the best solution. When it shows poor performance in a cold season, consider replacing it as soon as possible.
  1. Lightning and Dashboard light issues: The dashboard light is an excellent place to spot the battery deficiency as it will respond to a faulty battery with flashes. When you turn on the dashboard light, it ought to power up almost immediately, but if it shows warning lights, then it needs to be replaced. Also, note that the battery is weak when the alternator doesn’t return charge, then it is time to replace it.
  1. Unpleasant odor: The typical smell that is associated with a faulty battery is that of rotten eggs. At first, it doesn’t smell so bad, but over time, it becomes impossible to overlook the pungent smell. If you are beginning to have the smell in your car, it is not only a sign of a faulty battery but also dangerous to your health. Why is that? The unpleasant smell results from sulfuric gas leaking from the battery, which is an alarming sign to get the battery replaced quickly.

Even with this list, there are still some factors that an average person might not know about vehicle problems which is why it is advised that you get professional help. At Maan Auto Collision Centre, our expert team will diagnose the problem and take care of your vehicle needs.