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Cleaning your car should not always be an arduous task. Maintaining a clean vehicle without stress may sound impossible, considering car cleaning is usually time-consuming and pricey. Regular cleaning is required for proper maintenance, especially when you spend ample time in the car. However, regular cleaning may not be feasible if you have a busy schedule.

Just for you, we have provided practical car cleaning hacks that are stress-free and time-efficient. Car owners can apply the hacks provided to maintain a clean car or deep clean a dirty car. In addition, some hacks are inexpensive because you can adapt them using available materials in your home.

17 Brilliant and Useful Car Cleaning Hacks 

Below is a list of car cleaning hacks that you can use to make the chore a breeze:

1. DIY Car Upholstery cleaner

Homemade car upholstery cleaner effectively cleans car seats that are stained and muddy rug mats. Homemade car cleaners are an effective way to save money as you can make them using readily available materials in your home. You can produce your car cleaner by mixing vinegar, dish detergent, and warm water in a spray bottle.

2.DIY Armor- All Wipes

You can make Armor-all cleaning wipes for your dashboards, vinyl, and fabric from materials available in your kitchen. We do not recommend these wipes for your pained and glass surfaces. What you need for a homemade Armor-all wipe are a clean rag and other cleaning solutions to give your surface area a glossy shine.

3. Dealing with dust

You can use canned compressed air for sensitive devices you cannot clean using water. To remove debris and dust from your car, spray the content into specific areas such as the air vents and other small crevices.

4. Cleaning Crevices

You can clean crevices in your car using a damp sponge brush and any cleaning solution available. You only need to wipe the dirt away using the damp sponge brush. Cotton swabs can serve as an alternative when cleaning crevices.

5. Erasing Stubborn Grime

Erasing stubborn grime early enough is an effective way to prevent corrosion. Dirt can appear due to build-up from spilled food, oil, or drinks. A magic eraser is helpful to clean grime off your glass, car pedals, and car carpet. Avoid using the magic eraser in areas such as car seats or dashboards.

6. Scrub Ground-In Dirt 

You can scrub ground-in dirt with an old toothbrush. Toothbrushes are effective for scrubbing off dirt across nooks and crannies in your car; they are suitable for getting out-rooted dirt from hard-to-reach areas. You can use toothbrushes to clean the vents and unreachable spaces between your car seats. Ensure you use an old toothbrush, as a new one may have sharp bristles that may damage surface areas in your car. 

7. Windshield Cleaner

Windshields can become foggy or dusty due to weather changes and other elements. Since windshield maintenance is essential to car safety, you must keep windshields clean condition. All you need to make a homemade windshield cleaner is a mix of rubbing alcohol, distilled water, and vinegar in a spray bottle.

8. Cereal Container Trash Can 

A cereal container trash can is handy during long travels with children. The trash can will help maintain your car’s cleanliness and tidiness as you travel and purchase consumable items. You need to line a plastic cereal container with a grocery and use it to store trash while on the go. 

9. Line Your Cup Holders

Cup holder liners or car coasters effectively soak up spills from your glasses, mugs, or cups. These liners help prevent grime and debris build-up, which deteriorate the appearance of surface areas in your car. Silicone cupcake liners are perfect options for your vehicle.

10. Keep Wipes at Hand

It would help if you never run out of cleaner wipes because they are easy to use and perform a great job at wiping off dirt and stains in your vehicle. These cleaning wipes are inexpensive and useful for messy situations. Multipurpose wet wipes are available in supermarkets and can work on various materials and surfaces.

11. Cover the back seat

It is best to consider investing in a backseat pet hammock if you have pets that frequently accompany you on car rides. Backseat pet hammocks will help keep you clean and tidy these pet seats, reducing animal hair and lingering odors and preventing damage to your car’s interior.

12. Get Organized

You can maintain the cleanliness of your car by organizing all your items using an organizer. You can get a car organizer for car trunks, back seats, and front seats. With an organizer, rest assured that your documents and groceries are intact and kept secure. 

13. Wax Your Car

Waxing your car is a long-term maintenance measure that preserves your car’s appearance. Car wax will protect against scratches; you may want to consider waxing your car if you have kids. Also, it protects the car’s paint from exposure to weather elements.

14. Remove Stickers  

Removing old stickers from your car will improve the appearance of your vehicle. An adhesive remover is effective for removing stickers, or you can use a razor blade to remove the sticker gently.

15. Get Rid of Bug Splatters

Bug splatters can damage your car’s paint and coat and decrease the quality of your vehicle in the long run. A massive bug build-up can obstruct your view of the road while driving and pose a risk to your safety. 

16. Box It Up

You can keep a small box in the back of your car that can hold items like car brushes, ice scrappers, and washer fluids, among other things, which can help keep your car tidy and reduce noise from clanging.

17. Keep It Fresh

To have enjoyable car rides, you should have not just a clean car but one that smells nice too. A car diffuser is a great choice to keep your car smelling fresh and pleasant. You can opt for an essential oil diffuser.