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Most times, when a car accident happens, the first response is a series of questions. People begin to ask if you would like to repair the car immediately and how you plan to pay for it. You also hear questions directed to the insurance coverage and how they can help you pay for the repairs.

All these questions can be overwhelming as you are just coming out of an accident with no plan of it occurring in the first place. You might not even know the best place to turn to in such situations, which is normal. However, we have written this article to outline all you need to know about car accident repairs and the answers to plenty of random questions.

Is there an expiration time to get your car fixed after an accident?

The simple answer is – No. More elaborately, different insurance companies have a specific time frame that they can cover for when there is damage. But it is best to take prompt action in calling your insurance company to find out from them whether you know the duration or not. This is vital because there might have been an adjustment that you weren’t pre-informed on that would only be addressed once you place the call. Also, calling them as soon as the accident occurs helps you bypass the many processing to get your car repaired sooner. Plus, fixing the vehicle timely will quickly remove the crash incident from your memory once the vehicle is back to normal.

Do I need to fix my car with the insurance money?

Most people ask this question, especially when the damage is not severe and the price for fixing is little. Nevertheless, fixing the vehicle depends on the lender if you aren’t the owner. If the owner wants it fixed immediately and the insurance cannot attend to it immediately, you might have to meet the owner’s demand. This means when the car was involved in an accident, a lender had a particular investment in it and would demand you fix it quickly. But if it is yours, you can choose the time you want it fixed as no one is hurrying you to get it done at that moment.

Can you keep insurance claim money?

Well, it depends on who owns the car. If you are the owner and have paid all the money in full, you can decide to keep the money from the insurance and not get the repairs done. It is not a crime to do so as it is totally legal. But if you got the car from a loan, making it not entirely yours, the lender will expect you to make the necessary repairs with the insurance money. In that case, you can’t keep the money for yourself as it is illegal.


Can I drive my car while it’s faulty?

Suppose after an accident your car can still move normally; you can drive it as it is legal and safe to do so. But in some cases, the effect of the accident is not just a tiny dent but a risky one that can be hazardous to you and other drivers, so it is not advisable. Some instances of damages you can’t overlook are:

  • Faulty doors and trunks
  • Windshield cracks that affect driver’s vision
  • Missing bumpers
  • Faulty engine or gas tank
  • Dents with sharp or jagged edges

How long do I wait for my car to be repaired?

The time it takes for a car repair depends on certain factors. Some of them are the impact of the accident, the speed involved, the type of damage, the vehicle’s model, and the body shop that would repair it. Considering all these factors, it simply means you cannot put a general time frame for all car repairs. For instance, fixing a windshield shouldn’t take more than two days, but other damage to a car with a limited edition in circulation might take months. Hence, it would help determine the time it will take to fix your car once you visit a good body shop.

Can I repair my car after an accident?

Well, not every damage needs to go to the auto body shop for repairs. If the car damage is minimal and you have some basic tools that you can use perfectly well, you can do the repairs yourself. But if the car isn’t yours already, you won’t want to create more damage for the owner when you are doing it yourself, which means your safe bet is to take it to a professional. Still, if you attempt to do it yourself, make sure the repairs are something very minor that you can handle.

The primary reason why it is advised to take your car for repair in an auto body shop is to ensure all the damages are appropriately attended to. Sometimes, there are hidden damages you might not see because you aren’t used to such repairs. By taking it to the body shop, they would use their specialized tools to correct the damages and give you a car that is functioning well.

How long do you have to make repairs after an insurance claim?

If you have filed for your insurance claim, there is no available time frame for all insurance to make sure you repair your car after the claim. It depends on the insurance company as different companies have individual policies that govern such a timeline. Therefore, you need to contact the insurance company and make the necessary insurance claim as soon as you can once an accident happens. Once you are done filing, you still need to contact the claim adjuster to know when the repair deadline will be to prepare better.

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