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Summers come with unbearable heat, which does not mean it only affects humans. Excessive heat can be concerning for your standing vehicles too. Is your car heat ready, or does it need to be serviced well before touching high summers? To answer all such concerns, one must follow critical principles to keep your vehicles up-to-date and running in good conditions, even in hot summer weather.

Is Your Dashboard Working Fine?

When we emphasize whether the car dashboard seems OK, we probably want to highlight that it might not be functioning fine since its in-built icons display lights even when it is off. For example, the brake light, airbag warning, tire pressure icon, and engine oil light may just be on forever. So, one needs to regularly check the dashboard and stop ignoring the lights if it stays on. Consult a car mechanic and get it corrected to avoid any malfunction in the car.

Why Paddle your Brakes All the Time?

There are times when while driving, we tend to use brakes even when the car is parked or to stand at the traffic signals. Putting a foot on the brakes constantly may cause wear and tear of brakes, even when parked. Excessive paddling or attaining a habit of keeping the foot on the brake paddle around the clock may heat the engine and disrupt its power.

You need to stop putting your foot on the brakes all the time and come to the lower gear in case you have a manual transmission in your car compared to the automatic ones.

Go Slow on Shifting Gears?

Yes, you heard it right. Gear shifting without pausing or lowering speed may damage your gearbox. It is because shifting from one gear to the other too quickly produces excessive friction in the coupling mechanism that prematurely harms the transmission of the cars due to abrupt gear change. In the case of manual transmission cars, it is experienced more as drivers change the gears frequently to speed up or lower down speeds.

You must be surprised to know that your transmission will get impacted, but it can also damage your suspension and driveshaft to a considerable extent.

Choose the Right Fuel for your Vehicles

Good quality fuel does make a lot of difference in maintaining your cars in the long run. Opting for higher octane fuels will give better mileage and improve engine life for an extended period. We emphasize that lower-rated petrol or diesel may sometimes knock your engines down, especially if you own a new vehicle.

Not Using Parking Brakes May Result in Failure of Backup Safety System

Are you one of those who park your car without pulling the parking brakes? If so, avoid doing so. Why? a simple reason is that it prevents the vehicle from rolling backward or forward. It acts as the backup safety system that enables the car to stay steady when climbing a steep hill or parked on any facility pavement.

Use your parking brakes smartly to avoid any wear and tear on the part and keep them in good condition. Get your parking brakes regularly inspected to prevent the cables from getting seized due to prolonged non-usage of parking brakes.

Don’t Ignore Noises Coming From Inside Vehicles.

Every mechanical thing starts to wither over a period. It also shows signs of wear and tears after a certain period when it comes to cars. A few examples that your vehicle needs a thorough service include noises in the form of rattling, sputtering or rumbling and whistling, etc., to name a few. Please do not ignore these sounds as they may be displaying signs of damage being caused in some part of the car. Immediately visit an expert car repair shop and get your vehicle checked for these noises. You may just have averted massive damage being caused to your car.

Tire Health Plays a Pivotal Role in Maintaining Car Health

Stop overusing your car tires. They do get old and get damaged. You might land up in a dangerous mishap while driving with old and withered tires, thinking it may be OK. Get your tires checked for proper air pressure and whether they need a replacement. It will help you improve the overall car performance while causing less friction on the road and putting stress on engines.

Ignoring Car Service Will Not Serve the Purpose

Get your car serviced every few months to keep it running smoothly on roads. Sometimes, we miss out on getting our vehicles serviced due to hectic schedules or ignorance. But it’s not a healthy habit as it will not keep your vehicle fine. Visit your car service dealer and pamper your cars for a smooth drive on the roads.