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There are several options available to car owners to replace car parts after an accident. The first replacement option is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts used to restore your car to its original state. These parts are made from the manufacturer and are the original parts used for the damaged ones. The other option is the similar identical parts or aftermarket parts. These are not from the same manufacturer and not the exact lookalike of the damaged parts but can function as the OEM.

The two options are beneficial and have pros which makes choosing between them based on your need.

Before you make any repair, please consult with a collision expert as they will rightly guide you into making a good choice.

What Does OEM Mean?

OEM parts are those parts you find that are identical to those initially in your car before the damage. If you want the restoration of your vehicle to the same quality, then the OEM parts can give you that. These parts are often not widely available because just one manufacturer makes them, hence limited.

What are Aftermarket Parts?

The aftermarket parts are those that another manufacturer makes to function like the original. They are often more available than the OEM parts as they have different suppliers. Also, since other people make them, they do not always have the same quality as the OEM, and they also differ in prices from the original. Yet, they can be better or worse than the OEM parts depending on the manufacturer.

Pros and Cons of OEM Car Parts

The OEM parts have many benefits in choosing them, but they also have drawbacks that can be overlooked. However, most people still prefer these car parts because of their warranty instead of the unavailability and costly disadvantages.


When you opt for the OEM parts, you are sure of what you are getting, making the benefits relatable since you have experienced it with your previous car. The parts are identical to the ones damaged and will function the same way as the former, which is one advantage. Another is the quality you are buying when you choose OEM parts.

You are guaranteed quality because the manufacturer will produce the same thing for similar parts, and you also get a warranty. If you want to play safe when replacing any car part and don’t mind using extra cash to get this safety, the OEM parts are your go-to option.

Summarily, these are the pros of the OEM parts

  • The parts have a warranty
  • All parts are identical to the previous
  • Same quality as promised.


The fact that OEM parts are the perfect solution to your car repair issues is not arguable, but it does have some drawbacks, including its cost and availability. Because just one manufacturer supplies different people, these parts are often expensive as there is no competition to checkmate them. Sometimes, the aftermarket part can even be in good condition than the OEM part, and you might be spending more to get not too good quality.


The few drawbacks of using the OEM parts include:

  • The price is higher for the OEM parts than the aftermarket parts.
  • Their expense doesn’t guarantee better quality sometimes.
  • The availability of the parts can be limited.

Though the major drawback of the OEM parts, their expense, may seem like a good advantage for the aftermarket, the quality is a counter hindrance. Choosing the OEM parts is also a good option if you are caught in between and do not know which to go for. Or you can allow a good and reliable auto body shop to decide for you.

Aftermarket Car Parts

The aftermarket car parts are quite different from the OEM in terms of consistency in production. Some aftermarket products perform better than the OEM, and in other cases, they perform worse. It is therefore advised to get a good collision auto body shop to guide you better.


The major pro of aftermarket car parts is the money-saving advantage. However, other factors like model, quality and nature of repair of the car part can be a determining factor for a great pick. Yet, if you go for them, you can readily find the parts you want because of the many manufacturers. But still, trust a good auto body shop to help you pick a good aftermarket part for any repairs.

Summarily, these are the pros of the aftermarket parts

  • They are generally less costly than OEM parts
  • The number of varieties available for purchase are more.
  • The parts are mostly available than OEM parts.


When looking for the best option between these two, the seemingly better choice could be aftermarket parts, especially if you plan to save money. But consider quality and availability as these two will determine what option to choose. Don’t make any hasty decisions before consulting with a good auto body shop that will help get the right aftermarket parts for you.

Here are the few cons of aftermarkets parts you need to consider

  • They don’t always come with a warranty
  • Different products and varieties can be too much to bear.
  • Quality is never the same as different products have different manufacturers.

How to Distinguish OEM Parts from Aftermarket?

If you plan to buy any of these parts and do not know how to tell the difference between them, your best bet is to ask experts. In an experienced auto body shop, you will meet with professionals who have been in the business for a while and can spot out those differences other people will not see. Note that there are good aftermarket manufacturers and also fake OEM parts. So spotting the two out is vital if you want to enjoy your car. A good OEM part should have a unique code and ID number with a certificate of authenticity.

How to Distinguish OEM Parts from Aftermarket

OEM vs Aftermarket Parts for Collision Repair

Anybody that wants to choose between OEM and aftermarket parts must realize that it is based on specific personal preferences.

The price, quality, appearance and vehicle owner will be based on the client’s likes. However, it will be best to allow a good auto body shop guide those preferences by considering some factors.

Those factors include:

  • Both types of parts availability
  • Performance
  • Manufacturer and model of the car
  • Price
  • Overall look
  • Parts mechanical fit

Can I Request OEM Parts?

Yes, you can request that. If you do not want the aftermarket part, you can always opt for the OEM part regardless of what your insurance is saying-all you may have to do is pay the difference.
In Ontario, some laws can help you with accidents repairs. These laws mandate insurance companies to help fix cars to their initial state before the accident. But, some companies can prove that it functions the same way with the OEM part, which may require you to pay extra to use the new OEM part.

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