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During summer, it always seems like more cars are on the road than usual. This is very true as so many people want to go out to enjoy the heat that winter has prevented. But, with the many vehicles on the road, there is more possibility of getting your car dented.

This article is written to help you note how to be more aware of the dangers that can cause harm to your vehicle. So, keep reading if you want to keep your car’s paints for long and help preserve your funds.

1.  Consider walking instead

This doesn’t mean you will walk from home to the store or to work. But instead of looking for ways to park close to a mall and get sandwiched between other cars, park away from there. It might not be so far away, but it should be a safe place for your car such that you need to walk a little to get there. In fact, parking outside of the regular clustered parking lot will make going in and out faster as you won’t have to wait for the car behind or in front to move.

2. Create sufficient space between other vehicles

The mistake most drivers make is not positioning their car well when parking. If you park very close to another vehicle, you might deter them from opening their vehicle quickly, which might cause a dent in your car or theirs. So, leave room on both sides of your vehicle and also in front and back to allow the next driver to move freely.

3. Take note of vehicles with car seats.

Before you park next to another car, be sure the car doesn’t have a car seat. This car seat is common to those who have kids, and you can be sure your car will not be the primary thought of those kids. If you don’t want to bear the cross of those dents caused by kids unaware of what they are doing, then avoid parking close to such cars or give enough room.

4. Drive-in or out carefully

It can be easy to park into an allocated space in a parking lot, but it is vital to still carefully do so if you don’t want to bump into another car. More importantly, calculate your turns well so you won’t turn in the wrong direction and cause a hit when you are driving out. So, pull out with extra caution every time. If you don’t know how best to drive in a confined space, parking far away is still your best bet as you won’t have to worry about hitting another car.

What if you get a dent?

All these tips will help you avoid getting dents on your car carefully, but if you still find yourself in such a situation, what do you do?

It is not impossible to find yourself in this event but getting a good autobody shop to help you work on the car is the next big step. Maan auto collision centre is one autobody shop known to give the best dent repair using the latest technology. We can help you with all the insurance claims and many paperwork involved. We would love you to work with us schedule an appointment with us today.