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Your vehicle’s mileage depends upon the condition of its tires. It involves various factors like whether it has appropriate air or needs a complete changeover. Checking on tire health after periodic intervals is a must to keep the overall running of the vehicles smooth. Besides checking the inflation pressure every month, the best way to maximize tire life is to rotate the tires every 5,000 – 8,000 miles according to the vehicle you own. When we talk about tire rotation, the one thing that we all know is all the tires are different and hence placing them right is what will make a significant difference to their proper functioning.

At Mann Auto, we believe that tires are the utmost important part of the vehicle that makes it functional and hence need to be checked out after every desired duration. Nevertheless, not all the tires would wear evenly. Some will wear faster than the rest, and some may just be looking fine. You must note that each tire is removed and put in a different position to last longer. To identify when and how you would need a tire change, visit us to help you understand how you can do it. We follow three types of tire rotation services to offer our customers best in class auto repair services depending on the condition of the tires.

The three main factors that emphasize tire rotation include Forward Cross, X-pattern, and Rearward Cross. Our team of experts is proficient in handling all kinds of mechanical faults and offers you the best services.

Tire Rotation Services for Each Type of Vehicle

Forward cross: The forward cross pattern of tire rotation is used for front-wheel-drive cars. The tires are placed such that the front ones move directly to the rear, and the rear tires move diagonally to the opposite sides. 

X-pattern: An alternative pattern is used for front-wheel drive vehicles, apart from the forward-cross tires. In this, the front and rear tires move diagonally so that each one changes side and axle.

Rearward cross: In this type of tire rotation, the rear-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles are opposite the forward cross. One can observe that the rear tires move directly forward to the same side, and the front tires cross diagonally to the rear. Note that these aren’t the only possible options for rotating your tires. Moreover, the ones shown here will suffice. 

Why is Tire Rotation Necessary? 

Over a period, tires wear out, resulting in damage and poor mileage. Therefore, a routine tire rotation is necessary to make the difference in treadwear on the front and rear tires almost negligible. Usually, the front tires of the vehicles are used in steering, while the rear tires remain relatively static in lateral movement. When the car is steered, it creates friction between the tires and more stress for the two up front tires than the two in the rear. Mainly the front tire wears faster than the rear ones as it’s in motion. At Mann Auto, we offer expert tire rotation services to our customers so that they drive on wheels safely and smoothly at all times of the hour. 

Uses of Tire Rotation

Getting tire rotation done at our service station improves functional performance and keeps your vehicles mechanically fit. Our qualified tire rotation experts or technicians will check the tread depth of all four tires, check the inflation pressure, and visually inspect the tires for any issues and potential hazards. Apart from improving the tire life, rotation also helps in adding to driving safely while on roads. 

How do we help you at Mann Auto?

Whether your vehicle needs tire rotation or not depends on the assessment done by our experts. As soon as you visit us, we ensure to give you a thorough walkthrough of our auto repairing services, including tire rotation. The technicians will check all four tires, including how much the tires are inflated and if they are worn out. After reviewing all the tires thoroughly and for any potential hazards, we would suggest you the appropriate tire rotation service for great results.

So, the next time you find your vehicle not running smoothly, it’s a clear indication that you need a tire rotation done. Get in touch with our experts to improve the vehicle mechanism.