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Whether you monitor your car all day long or not, it is not impossible to find out that it has been hit by another vehicle while parked. Yes, you can be extra careful and vigilant, but you need to have a plan instead of freezing when you see the already done accident on your car.

When that happens, do you know the next steps to take?

Well, we have outlined the practicable steps anyone in this situation ought to take to get the best results.

1. Call the Police

When you see your parked car hit by another vehicle, your first call of response should be to call the police. The role of the police in that situation is to document the incident formally. The report they write on the accident is an important document required to file for an insurance claim.

2.  Contact the driver

After the police have been contacted, you also need to contact the driver. Most drivers leave notes to make it easy for you to locate them and get their insurance details. Some notes will already contain the details of their insurance company which makes it faster to contact the company that will fund the repair. Just make sure you contact the right sources to get the repairs done as quickly as possible.

3. Document the accident

The next thing is to do personal documentation. If you can, ask people around if they witnessed the accident. If you find such people who are willing to give out their contact details, document it well and thank them for their help. Then move over to your vehicle to see the extent of the damage. Check every dent you find and note them down. Also, pictures are essential so, take good photos and videos from different angles that will help you file a substantial insurance claim.

4. Contact the insurance company.

Once you know all the significant damages on your car and you have documented it well, your following line of action is to call the insurance company. Contacting the insurance company at this early stage will help you communicate the details of the accident more accurately as it is still fresh in your mind. But don’t call when you are unsure of what happened in the car or when you see the hit car.

What if the hitting car driver does not leave a contact note?

In most hit-and-run cases, the driver is not likely to come down to write a note. If that happens, the big question many people ask is, “who will foot the bill of the car damages?

Well, the answer to this car issue is simple if you have a dependable auto insurance agent. Once the accident happens, contact them and ask what options are available for you.

If your insurance policy doesn’t have great options, you will have a limited solution to the issue. But if they do, you are at an advantage. 

Here you go- the tips you need to scale through if your parked car is hit. Hopefully, these tips above will help you have an easy experience, save money and time in the process when such an incident occurs.

We are here to help!

Truthfully, you can be extra careful and still find your car hit as these are almost normal accidents that happen often. If you are in this situation, you are not alone as we at Maan auto collision centre are here for you.

Our company has a team of trained professionals that will help you through the insurance claim down to the repairs. This means you have nothing to worry about regarding insurance and all the paperwork that comes with it.

Give us a call today, and get a sufficient solution on any car issues you might have.