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Paying careful attention to many aspects of your vehicle, including the tire, is one way to ensure that you are driving safely. If your car rattles while you are driving, this is a sign that you need to arrange tire servicing. Your car’s condition can be determined with a tire service.
Most of the time, mechanics will request the service you asked for, such as a tire rotation or wheel alignment. People frequently confuse this since they cannot comprehend the mechanic industry’s vocabulary. We have made it simpler for you as we have shared the details you need about the differences between tire rotation and wheel alignment.

What Is Tire Rotation (Tire/Wheel Balancing)

Tire rotation causes tires to wear evenly by switching them from one position or side to the other. When your automobile jiggles while you are driving, that is a sign that your tires need to be rotated. Since the tire is the component of your car that makes contact with the road, it is not unreasonable to assume that the tires on your vehicle will quickly wear out. Because there are various frictions on the different sides of automobiles, in most situations, a vehicle’s tires wear down unevenly.

Weight distribution on different vehicle sides can determine how soon the other tires will dry off. A vivid example is two different types of cars; front-wheel drive cars and rear-wheel drive cars; the front wheel cars experience more wear on the front tires, while the rear-wheel-drive cars experience wears on the rear tires. Rotating the tires often will help to keep your tires on an even tear level. 

What Is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is a process that involves the straightening of the vehicle’s front tires so that they can be on the exact match with the rear steering and the rear tires. Your car needs a wheel alignment service if you notice it drifting to a side while driving in a straight line. A major cause for your vehicle requiring a wheel alignment is hitting potholes while driving. If you have been hitting large potholes while driving, your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. Failure to align your wheels can result in uneven tire wear. It can also affect your vehicle’s performance, slow down the steering’s ability to steer properly and affect your tire’s movement. It is best you align your wheels immediately after you detect that it is no longer in shape.


Although it is possible to slow down how soon your vehicle’s tires wear off and speed up the fuel’s efficiency when you get a tire rotation done. Yet, an unaligned wheel should not be ignored and fixed immediately after it is discovered because it can damage the vehicle.

To keep your vehicles in good health and safety, get your vehicles to us at Mann Auto collision centre. With our expertise in caring for tires, we will run some safety checks, including wheel rotation, wheel alignments, etc.

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