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There are good ways and bad ways to customize your car. The “bad” ways ruin your car and your street cred

Customizing your car well helps it stand out and adds value. Having your dream car look and feel the way you’ve always wanted is a dream come true.

Before you add useless or unusual accessories, let’s look at nine ways to customize your car and make it unique.

1. Wire for Sound

One of the most impressive car customizations is all about the sound.

Factory speakers are never enough. When you’re rolling in your machine, you need the sound to back up your swagger.

Look for high-grade aftermarket speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers to enhance your auto’s audio presence. Go big and use your trunk space with your speaker. Feel the vibrations and let everyone know you’re coming–or going.

2. Create Your Own Interior

Even the finest leather interior from the factory doesn’t say “you.” And limited stock colours don’t speak to your soul.

Standard aftermarket covers offer a bit more creativity. But to make your car one-of-a-kind, take matters into your own hands and update your seats with custom-made seat covers.

Choose the exact colour you want to ride in. Or don’t limit yourself to one colour at all.

Pick a fabric that feels best to your seat while you ride. Sheepskin, saddle blanket, towel, leather, or Cordura are some of the available fabric options.

Add custom lettering to headrests. Whether it’s your initials, a team logo, or your personal driving motto–it’s your ride.

3. Get Wheelie With It

We can’t get too far down the list without talking about one of the most unique ways to customize cars: custom wheels.

But there’s a fine line between aftermarket wheels that enhance your car’s cool factor and wheels that make you look like you’re trying too hard.

Unless you drive a Jeep or big truck, stay away from larger mud wheels. But if you want to make that Jeep crawl-worthy, add an inch or two in lift and wheel height.

Grab some chrome or powder-coated rims for a splash of shine or colour. Add a set of expensive tires and your is rollin’ in style.


The vanity plate is also dangerous territory. But if you want to know how to customize a car without spending too much, this customization adds uniqueness without breaking the bank.

Be sure and avoid the humble-brag with your custom license plate.

We see your car. We know it’s special.

Choose a favourite word, nickname, or something unique to you that adds personality without being “that” guy driving by with an annoying IROCK vanity plate.

5. Go Go Gadgets

The upholstery isn’t the only interior part worth upgrading. Add a custom gear shift or steering wheel.

Your hands should feel absolute comfort when gripping the wheel. And your gear shift not only helps take you places–it can say something about your personality, too.

6. Show Your Colours

Catch their eye from the start with an exterior that stands out from the rest.

Knowing how to customize your car colour is tough. There are endless options, from metallic paints to striping to vinyl wraps. The wrong choice brings the wrong attention to your car.

Consult with a pro or use a paint simulator to see how your new uniquely-painted car can look before the application of paint or vinyl.

7. Floor It

Another simple and budget-friendly car upgrade are custom floor mats. Don’t settle for your basic factory floor mats. Shop around and find the floor mats that represent you.

From sports teams to brand logos to your favourite pet, your car’s floors deserve a covering that makes you happy.

8. Performance Enhancements

From the inside out, improve your car’s performance. Or add function and make yourself and your car more useful than before.

Upgrade your horsepower with adjustments to the carburetor, exhaust, or camshaft.

Add a roll cage or winch to a Jeep. You never know when that crawl might get dicey or if you’ll need to pull your buddy out of the mud.

Aftermarket overhead, undercarriage, and interior lights look good and help light a dark open road or the woods during a hunting trip.

Do your research first. Be sure any lighting is street legal in your city and province and be sure you work with a professional for these kinds of boost and alterations. They aren’t for the faint of heart.

9. Too Cool Not to Drive

By now you might ask: “What more can I do to customize my car?”

After all of the additions, upgrades, and personalizations–if you still have money left–cool down with a cold bottle of water from your car’s new fridge!

Great for road trips and campouts, a mini refrigerator plugs into your lighter or alternate power outlet. Keep your soda and sandwiches cold on the road.

10. Have Fun When You Customize Your Car

No matter a big or small upgrade, have fun when you customize your car. And remember–safety first.

When making any changes to the performance or structure of your car, use professionals and don’t cut corners. Your safety is most important.

We are family owned and operated with 25+ years of experience in customizing and repairing cars. We know your car is important to you and it should be unique.

We hope it never happens. But if you do find yourself in an accident, you and your car are in good hands. We’ll get you back on the road quickly and safely.

Whether you need us to fix your ride or fix “up” your ride with our new chroming services, contact us!