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Three basic things you can do if your Car Breaks Down

It is great to have confidence in your car, especially if you take it for maintenance often. But, it doesn’t negate the fact that as reliable as your car can be, it can also break down. It is not a good thing to experience, but there is no guideline to prevent it from breaking down. So, what do you do when it breaks down in traffic or the middle of a freeway, and you are alone?

When that happens, the first thing not to do is to panic, as you can escalate the issue to be more than it already is. In this article, we have written three simple things to do if you find yourself in this situation.

  1. Turn on the Hazard Lights

It wasn’t planned to have your vehicle break down unannounced, but you need to let others know if you don’t want to inconvenience them. The best way to tell other drivers that you are having issues with your car is to put your hazard light on to alert them. Other drivers will catch the signal and give you space to think of the next thing to do when you do that. Once you have done that, if your car can still move, try to pack it in a safe space on the road. If it won’t move, bring the vehicle to a stop and move to the next step.


  1. Stay in the car

This is very simple to do, yet it can be challenging. You are safer if you stay in the car than trying to move to another place, especially if your car stopped on the highway. Just make sure you are not hidden from incoming vehicles. If you have to, turn on the dome light in the night to make your car seen clearly. Though you might feel scared, it is best to remain there until help comes than trying to go out of the scene and hit a vehicle.


  1. Call a Tow Service

The next thing to do is let the towing service know your current situation. If you don’t have their number, you can look for it online and call the nearest one to you. But if you don’t have a smartphone, prepare ahead by putting the numbers of a towing company in your gloves box. When you have been able to reach them, they will help you move your car to the nearest repair shop to check what went wrong.


Bonus Tips

It is possible that your hazard light might be having issues at that exact point, and you can’t seem to switch it on. If that happens, still don’t panic but look for a flag in your car or a paper to help you signal to other drivers that you are stuck. You could even fix the flag on the window so it will keep doing the work of signalling while you take the next move. If you can’t get a tow number to call, call your mechanic. Also, when the tow service takes your car to a shop that you aren’t familiar with, you should have your own mechanic check the car for you instead.

If you are in a city where you don’t know any mechanic and you are not sure who to call, check for reputable auto repair shops around using your smartphone so you can direct the towing service to their shop.

Also, having a few snacks in your car will come in handy if you are in this situation. It might take a long time before your vehicle gets towed, and you need food and water to think straight. So, please keep them in your car when you leave for a long trip and change them when you get back home.

Hopefully, when you are in this situation, you will be better prepared with the right numbers to call and the best plan to use.

If you are in Ontario and want to get your car fixed, contact our representatives through any of our numbers to get out of the stressful situation.

Collision repair Driving & Safety

Auto Body Repair Shops vs Dealership: Which is Better?

Have you just bought a new car and you need to take it for maintenance? Are you contemplating taking it to a dealer or an independent shop for repairs or maintenance? Well, you are not alone as so many other car owners face these often and have different opinions on it. However, whether you decide to go for the auto body shop or a dealer, you will experience both the pros and cons of your decision. In this article, we have answered some common questions that can help you decide on the best side to fall to in this situation.

Keep reading to see these and the factors that determine the shop to visit.

Do Dealerships Do Collision Repair?

The simple answer is Yes. More elaborately, dealerships usually have a sector that specializes in collision repair. It is more of an arm of the dealership that only does bodywork and can help get your car to its original state once it has been involved in a collision. But, dealerships often prefer to outsource this type of repair to a body repair shop as this takes lots of time. So, they can help but are more likely to outsource it and focus on other standard repair work.

Do Dealerships Do Body Work?

The number of dealerships that do bodywork outnumbers those that don’t do it. The majority that do bodywork only do it for the models they sell as they have the resources to get it done. While those that cant handle it outsource it to body workshops to take off the pressure of repair. Repairs with the dealership also come with the faster repair but with service fees to guarantee that.This service fee is why most dealerships pressure their service department to rush through their repairs, and as such, they would make more profit.

Are Dealership Mechanics Better?

The truth is, most technicians that have stayed in a dealership for a long time have had first-hand knowledge of a specific vehicle make and model. With this knowledge, they are expected to be better than those at an auto body shop, but that is not the case all the time. This is because those at the independent shops also have the same factory training given to dealership technicians. So, the independent shop technicians may be better and have more experience depending on the number of years in the industry.

One advantage that independent technicians have over dealership technicians is their exposure to different vehicles. They will not just be repairing the same make or model every day as customers with unique vehicles will come for repairs or maintenance. Plus, the body shop tends to get certified as a collision centre for a brand of automobile, which is also an advantage.

Collision Repair Shop vs Dealer

Three factors can help you decide the best place your vehicle will get a good repair service.

  1. Price

The standard price at most dealership shops often surpasses that of the independent shop making the auto body shop an affordable option. Therefore if you go to the dealership, you shouldn’t expect to pay less as they have a standard non-negotiable price. So, if you want to save extra cash, going to an independent shop is your best option.

  1. Experience

There is always an unending argument on the mechanics with more experience and knowledge. But as discussed already, the dealership mechanics are confined to working on a particular model or make while the independent mechanic has experience on different brands. So, no specific rule states that independent car repair mechanics will know less, which means they are not a lesser option. Also, most independent shops have taken several exams and passed, which makes them certified and knowledgeable.

  1. Parts

Different car parts are available for both parties, but some specific parts are easy to get from the dealership than anywhere else. Since they focus on particular models of cars, they usually have some parts readily available than the independent shops. So, if there is a model that precisely needs to be repaired and the dealership is exclusive on it, then they are in the best position to have it fixed.

Repair Your Car Right the First Time

Looking at both options critically, both have benefits and can be costly to choose from. Anyone you choose is totally dependent on what you feel is the best option for you. Yes, you can trust the dealership on certain cars, but you also need to check the cost as it is bound to be more expensive. Ultimately, choose an option that is great for you after researching both.

Suppose you are in Ontario and need to fix your car; whether to do a body repair or maintenance, you have a great option here for you. Mann auto collision centre is your perfect stop for all collision repair, especially if you want it done the first time correctly.

Contact us today to give you an estimate.

Collision repair Driving & Safety

Top 3 Signs You Need to Bring Your Car into a Repair Shop

Are you asking when the best time to get your car fixed is? That is the same question many car owners are asking, and we have highlighted some tricks to detect the best time to turn it into a repair shop.

First off, look for signs that show that the car is almost giving up. after doing that, take it to a trusted repair shop to recheck it and fix any damage it has. Using the signs listed below carefully will prevent you from being stranded because of a faulty car.

Car Warning Signs

These are the signs you should check for to know if it is time to hand the car over to an auto body shop or not.

  1. Leaking Fluids

If you see signs of your car leaking transmission fluid or oil, it is best to take it for a checkup. You don’t need to bend to see it leak as it would be visible on the floor. Most people do not notice these leaks on time because they enter their car every morning without looking around. Be among the extra careful motorist and look for leaking signs often to avoid having an engine breakdown on the road. Plus, you will be preventing your car from overheating once you can address the issue quickly.

  1. Loud Noises

As a driver, you will be sure of your vehicle’s sound because you use it frequently. Even if you don’t, you ought to be familiar with how the car sounds so you can know when it has problems that need fixing. If the sound of your car is different than usual, then it is time to go to the repair shop. You might not know why the engine has a different sound, but the auto body repair specialist will know, so let them check it.

  1. Weird Smells

Your car’s cooling and heating system tends to expel a weird smell when faulty. If you notice the smell is unusual, you should take the car to an autobody shop as they will check to see if the smell can be hazardous and fix it completely. It is best not to manage such a situation if you want the best for yourself and everyone that uses your vehicle.

When is the perfect time to bring my vehicle in for repair?

If you use one of the modern cars with a dashboard, it will show signs that your car needs to be repaired urgently. Regardless, the three signs listed above should guide you when you need to bring your car for repairs.

The general checkup your car needs should be about twice a year to be well maintained. You don’t necessarily have to see the signs above before taking your car for a yearly routine check. Also, it would help if you were prompt to change your oil every year to get the best from your vehicle.

But if you use your car frequently, you shouldn’t wait till it is a year before you take it for servicing. Whether you know what the manual says about your vehicle or not, if your car goes through any of the following, then visit the auto body shop more often.

  • Operates in cold, hot, snowy, and dusty weather conditions
  • Drives more than 5miles often
  • Used to transport heavy loads.
  • Operates in traffic conditions

How Long Can My Car Go Without Maintenance?

If your car is newly purchased, it can go as far as 35,000 miles before needing its first service. This routine check will help you see if your car needs repair or not, and that is how best it can be maintained. If your vehicle is old, you should use the manual guide of your car to know when it is time for maintenance. Often, old cars need more monitoring as they have undergone years of depreciation. But, whatever years your car must have spent with you when an accident occurs, a repair should be done as quickly as possible.

You could also trust your service advisor to tell you when best to get your can checked.

Get your vehicle fixed right every time.

No doubt, car maintenance is an excellent routine for prolonging the vehicle’s lifespan. If you can, schedule a car maintenance appointment with your mechanic and allow them to do their work on the car to keep it looking new. If you have any repair work, contact Mann auto body collision center to help you take care of it.

Collision repair Driving & Safety

What do I Immediately After a Car Accident?

It is true that nobody ever expects to get into an accident. But it doesn’t change the fact that accidents can happen anytime without any prior notice. If it does happen, what are the key steps to take immediately after it happens? If you don’t know, there is no problem as we have written this article to help answer that.

Undoubtedly, there is always a lot of anxiety or shock that comes up immediately after a collision, which cannot be avoided. But, if you stay shaken up forever, you won’t be able to meet your legal, medical, and financial needs. Continue reading to see what best to do after an accident and how you can also avoid it entirely.

How to Avoid a Car Accident

Accidents can happen anytime to anybody, and it is essential to know what steps to take when they happen. But, what if they can be prevented using some basic guidelines? Then it is best to know these procedures and follow them to help you stay above possible accidents.

Some of the things everyone driving on the road should take note of to prevent accidents include:

  • Follow the road rules and don’t expect others will do the same
  • Never pull into traffic at speed
  • Do not drive without your hands on the wheels or one hand
  • Always look out for pedestrians or bicyclists when driving
  • Check to see if your car is in good condition before going into the road
  • When reversing, look back and do not rely only on the side mirrors and cameras.
  • Remember not to tailgate.

If you can follow these tips listed above, you will reduce the chances of getting involved in an accident and being a faulty driver.

Steps to Take After an Accident

Suppose you just experienced an accident; there are some steps you need to take whether you are at fault or not. These steps will protect your interests and also protect you.


  1. Park and check to see if you or your passengers are great

It is standard procedure to stop to check if you or the people in your car are okay before driving. Driving away from the accident immediately it occurs is never a good move, no matter how minor the accident may be. The first best thing to do is to stop and be assured everyone in the car is fine before proceeding and contact the necessary quarters if someone is hurt.


  1. Move to safety and keep the accident scene protected

If you can, move to a safe place at the roadside to monitor the accident scene and stay safe. But if there is no place to move to, keep the hazard light of your car on till the police show up so that you prevent any other accident. 


  1. Contact the Police

There is never a too minor accident that shouldn’t involve the police. If you cannot reach the police, make sure you document what happened at the scene and file an accident report later at the police station. This is important if you need the insurance to take care of the bill, as some insurance companies only accept filing for a claim with a police report.


  1. Create a record of the scene

The police will ask some questions about the accident, so you better be prepared to give them a good report. It will help if you note certain things as you will have to remember them.

  • You need to be specific in your description of the police and only tell them the truth.
  • You don’t have to force yourself to say something; if you don’t know, don’t guess or assume a number.
  • You cannot be sure if you are hurt, but if you don’t feel any pain immediately, it is best to tell the police if you are asked how you feel.
  • Take as many pictures as you can of the scene, whether or not the police have their records of it.


  1. Exchange information with the other involved parties and keep a file

If you can reach the police and they come to the scene, they will get the information of everyone involved. Yet, you still need to get the information for yourself also. Plus, the police name and badge number should also be requested so you will be able to locate your accident report quickly.

Some of the other information to obtain is the names, addresses, phone numbers, driver’s license, vehicle models, insurance companies numbers of the concerned parties. Don’t also forget to note the accident’s location, date, and time.


  1. Seek Medical Attention, If Necessary

The next major step is to go to the nearest hospital for treatment. If it is not a severe injury, you can go alone, but if not, ask the police to follow you, so you won’t have to drive alone. Just make sure you don’t allow any pain to go untreated.


  1. Inform Your Insurance Company

Don’t wait till you get home before you notify your insurance providers. They should be aware of the accident scene to instruct you on what to do next to file a claim. It is important not to do this regardless of who caused the accident if you want to quickly get the help you need.


  1. Get Your Vehicle Repaired

In places like Oregon and Washington, no particular law binds the insurance company to provide repair shops for their clients. However, some still recommend mechanics that they have worked with to help their clients make a good choice. But the recommendation is not a compulsory selection as you can choose to go with them or not.

Your best bet every time is to go for an auto body shop that understands you and is reliable. Some of the things to consider if you want a trustworthy shop are:

  • Detailed written warranties
  • Certified technicians
  • Adequate accident resources and reporting
  • Detailed estimates
  • A rental car program
  • Good customer feedback
Need a good repair shop that offers accident resources?

Have you recently been involved in an accident and you need your car repaired?

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How to get car repair estimate after an Accident

Everyone who has ever experienced an accident can agree that it is usually not a pleasant experience. It doesn’t matter how little the collision was, the impact is always felt, and the necessary actions that follow are often stressful. Whether you will be tending to the wounds or be looking at how to get the damaged car fixed, it all can be pretty overwhelming.
No doubt, there is a lot to be done to get back to normal when such things happen. But, once you have made a move to let the insurance company in on the accident, getting a car estimate for the repair is the next major step. In this article, we have answered how best to get a car repair estimate and the processes involved. 

Getting a Quality Estimate

If you want to get a fair and quality estimate for your car repairs, going to a qualified auto body shop is your best bet. The expertise of the specialist in the shop will readily check your car for all the obvious and hidden damages and give you the estimate that will be needed to fix the car back to its original state.

You can bank on your insurance company to get a good auto body shop for you as they usually have affiliations. But, you are also advised to do your research to find out the best specialist that can help fix your car.

Any shop you research on should have certified technicians who have experience working on cars similar to yours. They should also have well-written warranties and estimates that the client would understand. Plus, their services should include a rental program to lend a car till yours is fixed.

The best way to get shops like this is to check online reviews. By looking through the reviews, you can catch a glimpse of what the company is about and be familiar with how they treat customers. If you have questions, you can also reach out to them to answer them.

The Estimation Process: What to Expect

This is not usually a long process as most qualified auto body shops are prompt in attending to clients. The primary thing required in this estimation process is the assessment. Once the car can be accessed, the estimate will take roughly 15 to 30 minutes to get penned and shown to the client.

Some of the things that a written car estimate contains are:

  • A detailed description of the work that would be done on your vehicle to bring it back to its original state.
  • A thorough breakdown of how much it would cost you on the repairs involved and other fees included.
  • The total estimate of the repairs and a concluding statement that disapproves any additional charges not already stated and would only be added when you approve it.

A written estimate is always a good way to monitor your repairs’ progress and see if the company gave what was promised. It might not be lawfully necessary to do, but credible auto body shops offer written estimates because they want their client to feel involved and confident in them. They will also be ready to answer any question that could be asked. Getting a written estimate is your go-to strategy if you want a smooth repair process.

How does the insurance come into the picture?

After getting to safety in an accident, the first response should be to contact your insurance company. Once you have them involved, they will help protect you and get you the best needed. Your insurance company can come into any accident situation, no matter how small or significant it could be. So, contacting them is never a wrong move after an accident.

Depending on the state you are in, your insurance provider might foot the bill of the other vehicle if you were at fault. But in some states, it is not the insurance company cross to bear, and that means you wouldn’t have anything to worry about the repairs. However, whether you are at fault or not, your insurance company needs to know as they would have the answers you need about the repairs and other things.

Also, you must bear in mind that your insurance company is not the owner of your vehicle. If they recommend a repair shop and you don’t feel like using their services, you are free to make your decisions and choose another shop. There is no pressure whatsoever to choose what your insurance provider chooses.

Have you been in an accident? Need a reliable car repair estimate?

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The Mann auto center collision shop is the perfect shop for all your car repairs as they help alleviate post-accident stress. We understand our clients and provide the best repair services that they need to get their car up and running in good time. We have trained personnel dedicated to working on all insurance claims and resolving them quickly to foster a faster repair process.

Partnering with us is the best move your car needs to feel great again.

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Collision repair Driving & Safety

What to Do After You’ve Been Rear-Ended

It is not an uncommon thing to be involved in a rear-ended collision. In fact, one of the most popular types of accidents has been recorded every year to be rear-ended. This means there is no cause for alarm when it happens. But how to respond in that situation is what we have outlined in this article.

Though you can never be over-prepared for an accident because it doesn’t pre-inform you before it happens, but you can be prepared for how you respond. The first thing to know is, staying calm and being focused should be on your top list. After that, other things listed below should be taken into consideration.

8 Things to Do After a Rear-End Collision

Some of the primary causes of rear-end collisions are speeding, reckless driving, traffic congestion, mechanical failure, alcohol influenced driving and distraction.

If you have ever gotten involved in a rear-end collision, it will be expected that everyone involved in the crash will explain the situation as it is, but that is not always the case. Therefore, the best thing to do is not to rely on other drivers in such a situation but do the following. These steps listed below are practicable and would help you limit any legal or financial risk in the long run.

    1. Access yourself to see if you have incurred any injury

If you have been rear-ended, the first thing to do is to make sure you are fine. You might have to stop the car if it is still in motion and park to get yourself together to access that properly. But if it is a hit on a parked car, whether you are in it or not, it is best to stay where you are and exchange details with the other involved driver.

But if you are not static but on a major road or the highway, gently pull off the car in a safe place and not on the road. Once you have done that, ask the passengers in the vehicle if they are all okay. If you are the only one, check yourself to see if you have any injury caused by the collision. It is normal to feel scared at that point because of the sudden impact, especially if the crash was at high speed. But, take a moment to breathe and confirm if everyone is okay before considering who is at fault and who isn’t. In fact, regardless of who is at fault, you should not leave the scene until everything is settled.

    1. Take the necessary step to move to safety

It is one thing to be involved in one rear-end collision situation; it is another thing to be opened for further accidents. If you have had the situation once, don’t stay at that spot, especially on the highway. The best safe option at that point is to move to the side of the road. Although not all highway crashes permits side of the road as a safe spot, but mostly, that is what you should do. If there is no side of the road option, turn on your hazard light and move the car till you arrive at a safe place. Don’t even talk to the other driver until you are sure you are safe to interact and exchange details.

    1. Don’t be tempted to admit any fault

Most times, when a rear-end situation occurs, the car at the back is at fault. This is common but not the case every time. This isn’t true every time because the lead car can propel the collision on a few occasions. If the lead car reverses or doesn’t use the brake correctly, the rear car will have no choice but to barge in unknowingly. Therefore it is not advisable to take responsibility for a crash because you might be innocent. But once you have admitted the fault at the scene, you cannot go back on your words, and your insurance company will have to pay for the damages. The best call of action is to exchange details and leave the scene.

    1. Call the police and report the crash.

After making sure you are safe, it is expedient; you contact the police. Even if the situation is trivial and seems too small to disturb the police, you should still call. If you can, call the police to the scene and let them do their investigation. They will document the event of the accident and can adequately file the report to the right quota.

    1. Take as many pictures of the damaged car and the scene.

Many people believe their memory will do justice to holding vital information about the incident. That might be true to a certain time frame, but it is prone to be distorted over time. The best form of evidence you can use is to take photos of different scene angles. Yes, you might remember the model of the car that caused the accident, but would you know the way it hit the vehicle? Since photos still carry more reliable value, you should use them.

When taking photos, there are some things to look for such that it will be valuable to anyone trying to get info from it later. So, this is what you check for when taking pictures of the car and the scene.

    • The damage on the trunk
    • Electrical and transmission damage
    • Bumper and frame damage
    • Alignment problems
    1. Get the information of other involved drivers and give them yours

If you call the police to an accident scene, they will know what to do and the contact to collect. But if they don’t show up, or they do, you still need to get the info yourself and file it for yourself so that you can access it anytime.

Here’s the information you should obtain:

    • The names, phone numbers and addresses of all the parties involved.
    • The insurance providers of the involved parties, including the passengers.
    • The license information of the driver and the passengers
    • The model and make of the vehicles involved
    • The plate number and the involved vehicles
    • The time, date and location of the accident.
    1. Locate the nearest doctor that can provide you with the health care you need.

No matter how minor an accident can be, bodily injury can occur. You might not note the damage immediately because of the anxiety most accidents causes. When the shock has reduced, and you notice injuries, it is best to seek medical attention promptly.

Suppose you can reach your regular doctor, great if not try to visit the nearest doctor and get treated on time. Never assume an accident is too small to get you injured as Whiplash occurs even with a low speed rear-end collision. So, take care of yourself as quickly as you can. Some symptoms that show you already have Whiplash include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, neck pain, numbness in the fingers, shoulders or arms. So, get help when you notice any.

    1. Contact your insurance agent and keep them updated.

Once you encounter an accident, you might not have to think about your insurance provider immediately, which is normal. In fact, many people believe there is a stipulated time to wait before you call your insurance company after an accident. That is not the case because the time for each insurance company differs from another.

Some insurance providers will want such situations reported within 24 hours as they would like to do a proper follow-up. So, once you have filed the report with the police, let your insurance company become aware of the case at hand.

Well, regardless of when you speak to the insurance company according to the stated date on their policy, there are some things to note. If you want to communicate effectively with the company, consider these tips when you make a report.

    • Considering all factors of an accident scene, don’t assume you are to be blamed. It might bounce back on you more than you expect if you do that.
    • When they suggest that they want to record the call, allow them to; it shows you don’t have anything to hide.
    • During the accident, you might have incurred Whiplash; skip mentioning it as they might not believe you if you tell them you have it.
    • Don’t conclude quickly that you are not hurt as some injuries do not show up immediately, and when you raise it later, you might not be believed.

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Collision repair

What do I do when someone hit my parked car and Leaves?

Have you ever been in a situation where you met your car in a state it wasn’t in before? Yes, you parked it well, but you came back and saw it dented or damaged, and there is no one around to claim responsibility. No doubt, this is very frustrating, but what would you do next, having realized the situation?
When this car situation happens, your first response should be to stay calm, as trying to get the culprit might be daunting. Also, don’t think just moving out of the scene looking more frustrated is the way to go because it is not.

Well, we have listed the steps you ought to take if your car experiences a crash, whether with you in it or not. Continue reading to be aware of the best steps to take next time.

Actionable steps at the scene

If you were not in the car when the car was hit and it it was in a parking lot or on the street, this is what you should do.

    1. Contact the Police

This is not just a routine step that is a waste of time; instead, it is a necessity to notify the police every time. This is important if you want the incident to be documented appropriately. When you make a report, the official document that will be documented will be useful for your insurance claim. But if you don’t do it, it will be a lot of back and forth when you need to file for an insurance claim. When you make the report, remember to get the officer’s details so that it will be easy to go back for any further documentation.

Sometimes when you call the police, they might be unavailable to get to you at the moment. If that is the case, you should make sure you file the incident yourself and submit the physical or virtual report.


    1. Check for Security Cameras

You will be lucky to find a security camera that covers the crash of your car. So, you should check around for the security cameras if you can. But if you don’t find any immediately, ask shop owners around if there is a hidden camera that you can’t see quickly. Once you have the video footage, it will shed light on what happened with your car and the culprit involved.


    1. Document the Details

Even if you can’t find video footage, the next major thing you should do is to remember important details. You should be able to pen down the date and time of the accident or when you realize it. Also, you have to write the location, a time frame of the car parked and any other thing you think would be useful. If you note it down immediately, you can remember many things at that time than wait for weeks after the crash.


    1. Take Pictures

The best form of evidence is always pictures. Therefore, if there is an accident, take as many photos as possible. Once you have gotten first-hand pictures, you can support them when filing for an insurance claim. Also, the photos will help you remember some details if you forget them.

When taking pictures, take the most intricate places, hence be thorough. The type of pictures you should take should include:


    • The damage to the car
    • The vehicle position when it was hit (either on the street or parking space)
    • The major landmark of the incident
    • Other damages on other vehicles or objects
    • The condition of the weather

Also, remember to take pictures at different angles to view the damage better. When you take so many photos and videos, you can be able to have a good view of the car’s damage and the scene.

Will Insurance Cover Repairs?

If you ever get involved in an accident, whether you were in the car or not, you must call your insurance company as quickly as you can. No matter the type of accident or the location of the accident, your insurance company should be aware of the collision.

If you or your car were involved in a hit and run situation, it might be hard to put the bills on someone you cant identify. Therefore, you will need to trust your insurance coverage to foot the bill. But if you can locate the driver, your insurance might not have to raise a finger in that case.

Once your insurance includes collision coverage, they will help cover most of the cost when a collision occurs. But, sometimes, you might have to pay a deductible to cover part of the repairs. In some states, this is not so as you won’t have to pay anything once you have property damage coverage in your insurance plan.

Get Your Car Repaired After an Accident

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How Long Do I Have To Repair a Car After An Accident

Most times, when a car accident happens, the first response is a series of questions. People begin to ask if you would like to repair the car immediately and how you plan to pay for it. You also hear questions directed to the insurance coverage and how they can help you pay for the repairs.

All these questions can be overwhelming as you are just coming out of an accident with no plan of it occurring in the first place. You might not even know the best place to turn to in such situations, which is normal. However, we have written this article to outline all you need to know about car accident repairs and the answers to plenty of random questions.

Is there an expiration time to get your car fixed after an accident?

The simple answer is – No. More elaborately, different insurance companies have a specific time frame that they can cover for when there is damage. But it is best to take prompt action in calling your insurance company to find out from them whether you know the duration or not. This is vital because there might have been an adjustment that you weren’t pre-informed on that would only be addressed once you place the call. Also, calling them as soon as the accident occurs helps you bypass the many processing to get your car repaired sooner. Plus, fixing the vehicle timely will quickly remove the crash incident from your memory once the vehicle is back to normal.

Do I need to fix my car with the insurance money?

Most people ask this question, especially when the damage is not severe and the price for fixing is little. Nevertheless, fixing the vehicle depends on the lender if you aren’t the owner. If the owner wants it fixed immediately and the insurance cannot attend to it immediately, you might have to meet the owner’s demand. This means when the car was involved in an accident, a lender had a particular investment in it and would demand you fix it quickly. But if it is yours, you can choose the time you want it fixed as no one is hurrying you to get it done at that moment.

Can you keep insurance claim money?

Well, it depends on who owns the car. If you are the owner and have paid all the money in full, you can decide to keep the money from the insurance and not get the repairs done. It is not a crime to do so as it is totally legal. But if you got the car from a loan, making it not entirely yours, the lender will expect you to make the necessary repairs with the insurance money. In that case, you can’t keep the money for yourself as it is illegal.


Can I drive my car while it’s faulty?

Suppose after an accident your car can still move normally; you can drive it as it is legal and safe to do so. But in some cases, the effect of the accident is not just a tiny dent but a risky one that can be hazardous to you and other drivers, so it is not advisable. Some instances of damages you can’t overlook are:

  • Faulty doors and trunks
  • Windshield cracks that affect driver’s vision
  • Missing bumpers
  • Faulty engine or gas tank
  • Dents with sharp or jagged edges

How long do I wait for my car to be repaired?

The time it takes for a car repair depends on certain factors. Some of them are the impact of the accident, the speed involved, the type of damage, the vehicle’s model, and the body shop that would repair it. Considering all these factors, it simply means you cannot put a general time frame for all car repairs. For instance, fixing a windshield shouldn’t take more than two days, but other damage to a car with a limited edition in circulation might take months. Hence, it would help determine the time it will take to fix your car once you visit a good body shop.

Can I repair my car after an accident?

Well, not every damage needs to go to the auto body shop for repairs. If the car damage is minimal and you have some basic tools that you can use perfectly well, you can do the repairs yourself. But if the car isn’t yours already, you won’t want to create more damage for the owner when you are doing it yourself, which means your safe bet is to take it to a professional. Still, if you attempt to do it yourself, make sure the repairs are something very minor that you can handle.

The primary reason why it is advised to take your car for repair in an auto body shop is to ensure all the damages are appropriately attended to. Sometimes, there are hidden damages you might not see because you aren’t used to such repairs. By taking it to the body shop, they would use their specialized tools to correct the damages and give you a car that is functioning well.

How long do you have to make repairs after an insurance claim?

If you have filed for your insurance claim, there is no available time frame for all insurance to make sure you repair your car after the claim. It depends on the insurance company as different companies have individual policies that govern such a timeline. Therefore, you need to contact the insurance company and make the necessary insurance claim as soon as you can once an accident happens. Once you are done filing, you still need to contact the claim adjuster to know when the repair deadline will be to prepare better.

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DIY vs Professional Dent Removal: How to Know it is Time to Take Your Car In

Have you just recently discovered a dent in your car, and you don’t know how it got there or what to do next? Well, if you are in this car situation, it is best you don’t just get frustrated as these things happen. Instead, your best approach is to get it fixed to prevent it from becoming worse.

How to go about it becomes the next big question. Not to worry again, as we have outlined what you need to do if you are in this state. Sometimes, you need to do the repairs at home without going in for a major repair. But in some other cases, you might have to replace the panels, which would need more than DIY attention.

When do you DIY, and when do you take it to a repair shop?

You will know if you can handle a dent by yourself and when it is beyond your expertise by first observing the tools you have at hand. Using some essential repair tools, you should handle minor dents that can be corrected without professional help.

However, you might have to extend that repair to a shop specializing in it when the dent is deep and extensive. You first have to be honest with your skillset when the dents are too much for you to get real help. If you can do that, you will be able to outsource the bigger tasks to the repair shop.

Dents like bumper dents are not to be done in the home as it requires high-tech materials to remove it and could be pretty tacky to achieve. The tools needed for such repairs are not common but special tools that only professionals use daily. Hence, it is best to leave those more complicated dents tasks to a company while taking on the more minor dents that need a DIY dent repair kit.

DIY Dent Removal

It is not impossible to fix the minor dents your car encounters, but before you can remove them, you need some tools. The standard repair kit comes with the right tools that can handle those dents and a guide that will help you use the tools well. Before starting, look through the instructions and be familiar with the devices, as they all have unique uses.

How do you remove a minor Dent in your Car Door

Do you intend to remove the dent in your car door, and you don’t know how to get started? Well, we have highlighted the significant steps you need to see if you will be using a repair kit.

  • Clean the area that has been damaged with a wet cloth, then dry it.
  • Check through the repair kit for a glue tab that has the size of the dent
  • Heat the glue and put just a tiny portion on the dent.
  • Then add the pulling tab to the core of the dent gently and allow to dry
  • The next thing is to place the pull on the tab and allow it to settle with the panel.
  • Use a hammer to smoothen the pull till you don’t see the dents any more.

How to Fix a Big Dent in your Car Door

If it is certain that the dent that needs to be fixed is a big one, you can follow the exact steps written above, but this time it will require a large glue to take care of the dent. When you follow the steps, you might have high spots eventually; that is why you should allow professionals to handle this large car dent removal. Yet, it is expedient that if you decide to do the removal yourself, either for a large dent or a small one, follow the instruction on the repair kit strictly.

Professional Dent Removal

Not everybody can handle dent removal themselves, especially if they have never done it before. If you are in this boat, your safest option is to allow professionals to take care of the removal. It doesn’t have to be large for you to give them the task as they are skilled to do it professionally without having paint breakage. If you attempt to fix a major dent with your regular home equipment, you might spend more trying to undo what became more damaged when you were fixing it.

Though the major challenge many people have with giving the dents out for a professional repair is the cost attached to it. But, the cost of removal depends on certain factors, including depth, size, location and the number of dents on the car. Also, the model of your vehicle determines the amount you will be paying. Generally, you shouldn’t be paying more than $120 for a dent that is as deep as 1 inch. But for a minor mark, as little as $10 to $30 can get the work done. But it all still depends on the other things already listed and the may other aesthetic work your car might need.

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6 Tips Everyone Needs to Choose the Right Collision Repair Shop

When there is an accident, the first response is to get an auto body repair shop. That might not pose as a challenge as several shops can help with the repair your vehicle needs. However, the major work is getting the auto repair shop that perfectly meets your needs. That is why we have highlighted these top tips to look out for before deciding on the right repair shop. If you want the services of a quality repair shop and want your work done promptly, keep reading to find out the six tips on the list.

Start from Family and Friends Referrals

Because you have never needed the services of an auto body shop doesn’t mean you don’t know someone who has used their services. That means they have one or two contacts of people they can call for their repair duties. If you don’t want you or your vehicle to go through any stress in getting a good auto body shop, start by asking your friends and family for their best car shop that they would love to recommend. Even with that, still make your assessment before going for that particular shop endorsed.


Read Reviews

One of the best resources to also start with when looking for a quality auto body shop is the reviews. It is even one of the easiest way to get to know about a company and the services they render. Look through credible online sources for these reviews and see what customers say about the company. If you don’t like what you read on the website, you have the free will to look through another till you find what you believe will be perfect for you. You shouldn’t settle for just any shop until you are sure they can deliver.


Check With Your Mechanic

Another tip you should also consider if you want to get a good auto body shop is by asking your mechanic. Most mechanics deal with auto body shops and are experienced to know which one does a good job and the not-so-good ones. If you ask them, they will be able to sieve out the ones they can recommend, of which you can take a step further to do your research on them.


Look for Certified Technicians

If you want to get the right auto body shop for your repairs, make sure you check if they have certified technicians when doing your research. Most shops with these certifications are quick to put it boldly on their website, which means you can’t miss it if you check for it. Also, you need to check if they are licensed to operate as a company in your area. If you can check these two things, you will be on an excellent way to hiring a fantastic auto body repair shop.


Ask the Right Questions

Because you will be paying for the autobody services, you have the right to ask as many questions as you have in mind before deciding to work with any company. Some questions will help you spot the right shop for your repairs. Questions like:

  • Do you offer warranties?
  • What will the work be done?
  • Does your company provide timely estimates?
  • How best do you work with insurance companies?
  • What are the security measures you have in place?
  • What are your payment policies?
  • Will my vehicle look like it was before the accident?
  • How long does your estimate process take?


All these questions should be asked, and you could also add any other personal questions not already listed to ensure you have the answers you need to hire.


Trust Your Instinct

This is the final yet essential tip you shouldn’t leave out when checking for the perfect repair shop. Yes, you might have gone through a series of reviews or been assured by a family member about a particular shop. But if you don’t feel it in your gut that this shop can adequately take care of your car, it is wise you don’t leave it with them. If you want the best, don’t rush to pick but make sure you aren’t unsure of what to expect of any company you choose. Feeling confident about a shop is the first good PassMark you need to set to hire, and that might take time to get, but it will be worth it in the end.

Getting Quality Collision Repair Services in GTA, Ontario Metro Area

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