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Eight Mistakes that Might be Damaging your Car and You Should Avoid!

Driving any vehicle might not be a challenging task. With practice and regular driving, one can quickly get a knack for the skill and perform the daily function of running it efficiently. As drivers, the problem comes when we fail to keep specific drive rules in mind and make our vehicles vulnerable to mechanical troubleshoots. In short, if you want to understand, you must keep the following things in mind while driving cars to keep them looking good.

  1. Is Your Dashboard Working Fine?
  2. When we emphasize whether the car dashboard seems OK, we probably want to highlight that it might not be functioning fine since its in-built icons display lights even when it is off. For example, the brake light, airbag warning, tire pressure icon, and engine oil light may just be on forever. So, one needs to regularly check the dashboard and stop ignoring the lights if it stays on. Consult a car mechanic and get it corrected to avoid any malfunction in the car.

  3. Why Paddle your Brakes All the Time?
  4. There are times when while driving, we tend to use brakes even when the car is parked or to stand at the traffic signals. Putting a foot on the brakes constantly may cause wear and tear of brakes, even when parked. Excessive paddling or attaining a habit of keeping the foot on the brake paddle around the clock may heat the engine and disrupt its power.

    You need to stop putting your foot on the brakes all the time and come to the lower gear in case you have a manual transmission in your car compared to the automatic ones.

  5. Go Slow on Shifting Gears?
  6. Yes, you heard it right. Gear shifting without pausing or lowering speed may damage your gearbox. It is because shifting from one gear to the other too quickly produces excessive friction in the coupling mechanism that prematurely harms the transmission of the cars due to abrupt gear change. In the case of manual transmission cars, it is experienced more as drivers change the gears frequently to speed up or lower down speeds.

    You must be surprised to know that your transmission will get impacted, but it can also damage your suspension and driveshaft to a considerable extent.

  7. Choose the Right Fuel for your Vehicles
  8. Good quality fuel does make a lot of difference in maintaining your cars in the long run. Opting for higher octane fuels will give better mileage and improve engine life for an extended period. We emphasize that lower-rated petrol or diesel may sometimes knock your engines down, especially if you own a new vehicle.

  9. Not Using Parking Brakes May Result in Failure of Backup Safety System
  10. Are you one of those who park your car without pulling the parking brakes? If so, avoid doing so. Why? a simple reason is that it prevents the vehicle from rolling backward or forward. It acts as the backup safety system that enables the car to stay steady when climbing a steep hill or parked on any facility pavement.

    Use your parking brakes smartly to avoid any wear and tear on the part and keep them in good condition. Get your parking brakes regularly inspected to prevent the cables from getting seized due to prolonged non-usage of parking brakes.

  11. Don’t Ignore Noises Coming From Inside Vehicles.
  12. Every mechanical thing starts to wither over a period. It also shows signs of wear and tears after a certain period when it comes to cars. A few examples that your vehicle needs a thorough service include noises in the form of rattling, sputtering or rumbling and whistling, etc., to name a few. Please do not ignore these sounds as they may be displaying signs of damage being caused in some part of the car. Immediately visit an expert car repair shop and get your vehicle checked for these noises. You may just have averted massive damage being caused to your car.

  13. Tire Health Plays a Pivotal Role in Maintaining Car Health
  14. Stop overusing your car tires. They do get old and get damaged. You might land up in a dangerous mishap while driving with old and withered tires, thinking it may be OK. Get your tires checked for proper air pressure and whether they need a replacement. It will help you improve the overall car performance while causing less friction on the road and putting stress on engines.

  15. Ignoring Car Service Will Not Serve the Purpose
  16. Get your car serviced every few months to keep it running smoothly on roads. Sometimes, we miss out on getting our vehicles serviced due to hectic schedules or ignorance. But it’s not a healthy habit as it will not keep your vehicle fine. Visit your car service dealer and pamper your cars for a smooth drive on the roads.

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Tire Rotation Services by Mann Auto – Get your Tires Checked Today!

Your vehicle’s mileage depends upon the condition of its tires. It involves various factors like whether it has appropriate air or needs a complete changeover. Checking on tire health after periodic intervals is a must to keep the overall running of the vehicles smooth. Besides checking the inflation pressure every month, the best way to maximize tire life is to rotate the tires every 5,000 – 8,000 miles according to the vehicle you own. When we talk about tire rotation, the one thing that we all know is all the tires are different and hence placing them right is what will make a significant difference to their proper functioning.

At Mann Auto, we believe that tires are the utmost important part of the vehicle that makes it functional and hence need to be checked out after every desired duration. Nevertheless, not all the tires would wear evenly. Some will wear faster than the rest, and some may just be looking fine. You must note that each tire is removed and put in a different position to last longer. To identify when and how you would need a tire change, visit us to help you understand how you can do it. We follow three types of tire rotation services to offer our customers best in class auto repair services depending on the condition of the tires.

The three main factors that emphasize tire rotation include Forward Cross, X-pattern, and Rearward Cross. Our team of experts is proficient in handling all kinds of mechanical faults and offers you the best services.

Tire Rotation Services for Each Type of Vehicle

Forward cross: The forward cross pattern of tire rotation is used for front-wheel-drive cars. The tires are placed such that the front ones move directly to the rear, and the rear tires move diagonally to the opposite sides. 

X-pattern: An alternative pattern is used for front-wheel drive vehicles, apart from the forward-cross tires. In this, the front and rear tires move diagonally so that each one changes side and axle.

Rearward cross: In this type of tire rotation, the rear-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles are opposite the forward cross. One can observe that the rear tires move directly forward to the same side, and the front tires cross diagonally to the rear. Note that these aren’t the only possible options for rotating your tires. Moreover, the ones shown here will suffice. 

Why is Tire Rotation Necessary? 

Over a period, tires wear out, resulting in damage and poor mileage. Therefore, a routine tire rotation is necessary to make the difference in treadwear on the front and rear tires almost negligible. Usually, the front tires of the vehicles are used in steering, while the rear tires remain relatively static in lateral movement. When the car is steered, it creates friction between the tires and more stress for the two up front tires than the two in the rear. Mainly the front tire wears faster than the rear ones as it’s in motion. At Mann Auto, we offer expert tire rotation services to our customers so that they drive on wheels safely and smoothly at all times of the hour. 

Uses of Tire Rotation

Getting tire rotation done at our service station improves functional performance and keeps your vehicles mechanically fit. Our qualified tire rotation experts or technicians will check the tread depth of all four tires, check the inflation pressure, and visually inspect the tires for any issues and potential hazards. Apart from improving the tire life, rotation also helps in adding to driving safely while on roads. 

How do we help you at Mann Auto?

Whether your vehicle needs tire rotation or not depends on the assessment done by our experts. As soon as you visit us, we ensure to give you a thorough walkthrough of our auto repairing services, including tire rotation. The technicians will check all four tires, including how much the tires are inflated and if they are worn out. After reviewing all the tires thoroughly and for any potential hazards, we would suggest you the appropriate tire rotation service for great results.

So, the next time you find your vehicle not running smoothly, it’s a clear indication that you need a tire rotation done. Get in touch with our experts to improve the vehicle mechanism.

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Keep Vehicles Maintained with Good Quality Tires – Have them Changed or Serviced!

Each vehicle is different from the other, and therefore, the services requirements of each car are also added as cars grow old. They need to service frequently or on time for better functioning and a smooth driving experience. Whether it is the parts of vehicles such as engines, engine oils, batteries, or even tires, everything needs service after some time.

A few things need to be discussed to give you a clear insight into why getting tires changed after a few years is essential. However, in this draft, we will highlight why do cars need a tire change. Or is your vehicle season ready when it comes to tires? Mann Auto brings forward cutting-edge solutions to get your vehicles fixed with professional help and make them aware of how we go about meeting our customers’ requirements, considering the different challenges each vehicle servicing comes up with.

Factors Affecting the Tire Health

Every individual has a different way of dealing with their cars. Some invest in good quality tires, whereas some settle on the lesser ones. The better you move and keep your tires in good condition, the longer they serve you. Also, how one drives impacts mainly on the overall tire health. In short, tires need periodic monitoring as much as other parts of the cars. 

Don’t Compromise on the Tire Quality.

Car owners often compromise on lesser quality tires, presuming it will serve them better, but here is what they miss. Compromising on the quality of tires may result in mishaps, so get good quality ones for your cars to your driving steady on roads. At , we offer best-in-class tires for your vehicles, so there is enough friction on the road, and your vehicle sails smoothly.

Get them Serviced Timely.

When we say tire service, we mean to give you an upgraded version of tires or check on proper air pressure. Keeping tires for more than six years can wear and tear, causing excess stress on your car engines. We will give you a thorough walkthrough of how we service your existing tires and make them work smoothly. 


Things to Follow to keep your Tires in Good Shape

As technological advancements occur, service solutions cater to individual vehicle requirements. The foremost thing that you should focus on is installing good-quality tires. Why? It is because your vehicle’s fuel efficiency increases instantly. Poor quality tires cause more friction due to which engine has to work more vigorously. 


Separate Tires for SUVs & CUVs

SUVs & CUVs are built to deal with rugged terrains and harsh weather conditions. Therefore, tire requirements for them are also differently structured. If you own one of them, you need an extra pair of tires to deal with the snowy and icy roads during winters. However, at Mann Auto, we believe in quality and cost-effective service solutions; hence we suggest our customers go for seasonal changes of tires to keep things sailing smoothly. 


Will All Season Tires Be Answer to your Concerns?

All seasons tires are a great option, provided they are from reputed tire brand companies and how you drive your vehicles. Also, your driving style impacts to a significant extent when it comes to treading life and longevity of your tires. So, check for proper air pressure and if the tires are withered over time. All these factors will help you maintain your vehicle life in the long run. 


Service your Vehicles and Keep them Season Ready

Seasonal changes do affect the overall performance of vehicles. During winter months, the tires tend to get hard, causing driving difficulty on snow or hard ice, whereas, in summers, they expand due to excessive heat that makes the air inside it lighter. So, have an extra pair of tires every season so your driving is not obstructed. Connect with us, and we will help you find the right tires for your vehicles and help you maintain your cars whatever season they may be. 

How do we help you at Mann Auto?

Mann Auto is known for its world-class service solutions for vehicles of all kinds. Our expert technicians make every challenging task easy to handle as they repair, wash, and polish your vehicles just as when they were new. We cater to our customers’ requirements depending on individual car service needs and give a good makeover to their cars at pocket-friendly prices. 


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Car Service Solutions at your Door Step – Keep your Auto Moving Smoothly!

Vehicles need timely service to keep them running smoothly and faster. Proper service of tires, checking on oils, and keeping track of the engine are essential things that need to be taken care of if you own a vehicle. During harsh weather conditions, significantly when the temperatures rise, it is vital to have your car oils changed to adapt to the high-temperature needs. Doing so elongates the life of the car and keeps it intact.

You get it all under one roof at Mann Auto and promise quality car service solutions at pocket-friendly prices. 

Why Should your Change your Car Oils?

Thanks to advances in motor oil technology, vehicles these days are designed for adapting to more than one type of motor oil. We believe that using different motor oils for different seasons enhances the engine life and keeps your vehicle functioning smoothly at all times of the hour. 

Conventional motor oil has only one density or thickness called “single grade” motor oil. Drivers use a winter-grade oil during winters since it is thin and flows effortlessly in low temperatures. The oils expand and become light in the summer due to heat waves. Therefore, winter motor oils are swapped for thicker oils used in summers. 

How to Check if Your Car Oil Needs a Change?

Before changing the car oils, the following things need to be kept in mind. 

  • The foremost thing to check for is its color. If your car oil turns brown and gritty, it is time to change it since it will affect your drive functionality and won’t let your car run for longer.
  • The second most important thing to notice here is the engine’s sound. In some cases, the machine shows loud noise, which indicates that the engine might have started to wear. In other words, when engine parts begin to rub against each other, it is time for you to change the engine oil to keep it running smoothly. 
  • The third but not the minor thing to change your engine oils is when you think you don’t last remember about it getting changed. 

Do consult us at our website or visit our service station personally, and we would be more than happy to guide you about our car service solutions and fix your cars in no time.

Get Your Tires Changed for Better Mileage

Every tire comes with a life span of 5-6 years, and if you haven’t got them changed for more than the given period, your vehicle is at risk of having an accident. Tires are made from hard rubber that can withstand stress on various terrains. But overusing anything may either wither it or make it dysfunctional. At Mann Auto, we suggest you have your tires changed at periodic intervals so that you experience butter-smooth rides while on the roads. We offer our customers the best quality tires that improve their mileage on the highway and the driving quality to a great extent. 

Wiper Blades and Cooling System Check

Yes, you’re right; we do look into the minutest details about your vehicles, and servicing the cooling systems and wipers blades are equally essential for us to deal with everyday concerns our customers face while operating them. Wiper Blades have always been the most extensive since they take all the pressure of snow, rain, and dust storms and provide a clear view through windscreens in abnormal weather conditions. Therefore, over time, they get hard and stop performing well. Get them changed from us and keep your trips running smoothly at all times of the hour. 

The summer season calls for all kinds of troubleshooting in cars, such as overheated engines due to lack of coolant, oil leakages, cracks in hoses and belts, excessive wear and tear of tires, and much more. We recommend you get your cars serviced timely so that your vehicles are well taken care of and nurtured. Similarly, the cooling systems need to be serviced well on time to avoid brake failures. 

How are we Different from Our Counterparts?

Mann Auto is a well-known car services provider across Canada that hires more than 600 technicians and mechanics to offer customers the right kind of service needed to keep their vehicles running perfectly.

We work diligently on any car-related concerns and provide the right solutions as per your requirements. Our customers are our top-most priority, and we leave no tables turned to keep them happy. 

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10 Important questions every car owner need to ask an auto body repair shop

The first thought for anyone that encounters a car collision after getting to safety is where to get the car fixed. With this thought in mind, the next available auto shop usually seems to be the best choice, but that is not a good decision. Any autobody shop you choose should be one you trust and have done proper research on how they implement their services.
Getting professionals will help maintain the original structure of your car for a long time. Therefore, once you get the shop you want to settle for, ten essential questions are to be asked.

This article lists out the ten questions and the satisfactorily answer you can be confident in when they are answered.

1. Do you have a warranty?

Any good auto body repair shop should offer their customers a warranty for the repairs done. So, ask for the warranty they provide and the validity. Not only that, but you should also be aware of the coverage of any security they offer and the pros and cons of each. You can even probe further to know the terms and conditions of the warranty to be sure you are making a good decision.

2. Is it a certified auto body repair shop?

Most trustworthy auto body shops do not wait for you to ask about their certifications before showing them to their potential customers. If you ask if their facility is certified and they cannot show that it is, you are not sure of getting what has been promised. A good auto body shop with certified personnel will always want to give quality which is why you should only settle when they can prove that.

3. Does it offer rental cars?

Most car owners will still want to continue their work while their cars are repaired. If you would like a rental car to do that, ask if that offer is available and make sure you read the rental agreement thoroughly before signing. Also, you should inspect the vehicle for rent before taking it out. If you can, take good pictures for documentation purposes. Ultimately, make sure you aren’t going into another car issue when your car is being repaired.

4. How long will the repair take?

The car repair time frame depends on the damage done to the car. Yet, it is advisable to ask the auto body repair shop still when you should come for it. If you have an idea of that, you can plan well and know how much to spend on the rental car.

5. How vast are they with your car model?

If your car model is rare, you should be extra careful of the kind of autobody shop you trust for any repairs. Ask them if they have worked on your car model before and the ease of getting the vehicle’s spare parts. Please don’t force them to take your car as they might not have the expertise and repair parts to fix it.

6. Can they paint your car with the original color?

If you want to retain both the structure and color of your car, you should ask the shop if they can paint it exactly like the old one. It is also better to retain the former paint to decrease the accident area from being noticeable. Plus, if you want to sell, the paint will determine if it is will have good resale value or not.

7. Is the car protected while in the auto repair shop?

You don’t want to bear the loss or theft of your vehicle, so you need to ask this question. If the auto body repair shop assures you of taking responsibility, you can rest assured of safety for your car, which is paramount.

8. Will you get written estimates?

The written estimate is always a good defense for paying the proposed price. You won’t have to worry about paying more after the repairs are done if you have the written estimates. Plus, it also helps plan payment well before the shop finishes the repair.

9. What is their payment policy like?

Before you even ask for the payment policies, you should already see them listed in the reception office. But if it is not there, you can still ask, and they will outline it for you. Also, ask if they help with insurance claims and what you have to do in the process.

10. How soon can you wash the car after repairs?

Don’t assume the auto body shop has done everything and won’t make the mistake of forgetting to tell you when to wash. Instead, don’t forget to ask when to wash as some paints need to be extra dry before water comes on them. If the autobody shop tells you to keep it with them till it is dry, allow it and come back when it is fully ready.


Here you go- the top ten questions you should ask your auto body repair shop. Choosing the right auto body shop is extremely important, and we advise you to select the Maan auto collision centre. All our customers have good reviews about our repairs, and you can be sure of getting the best also. Give us a call today to get started on any auto collision issues you might have.

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4 Practicable Tips to Avoid Collision From Debris

Every time summer begins, cars are seen to be more than they were on the road during winter. Whether you drive often or occasionally, encountering debris on the road is not avoidable. No matter how big or small it the debris might be, it can cause something significant on your car in the long run. If you see wooden or metal pieces, plastics, and many other forms of debris, you should know the tricks to avoid a collision.

The tips listed below are what you need to read to minimize the risk of vehicle collision caused by the debris.

1. Limit your speed

To avoid a debris-caused collision, you need to drive on such roads with limited speed. The impact of your fast speed is always higher and more felt when you come across the debris, leading to a collision. But, when you see debris and drive slowly, you will be able to move away and limit the possibility of causing a crash. Also, if you are at high speed because of the vehicle ahead, it will be hard for you to control the car at that speed if that car applies a sudden brake. Therefore, your best bet on a debris-filled road is to drive with moderate acceleration to give you an excellent strategy to respond well to different unexpected happenings.


2. Keep a steady focus on Stopping sight distance (SSD)

When you apply the brake, the minimum distance, it takes before the car stops is called the stopping sight distance(SSD). This SSD varies from car to car, so you cannot use another person’s knowledge of their vehicle to gauge yours. Once you have mastered the SSD of your car, use it when you come across any debris on the road. With the right speed and the proper application of the brake, you can be able to successfully maneuver your way around the debris and avoid a collision.


3. Leave enough space between other vehicles.

Going closely with the vehicle in front of you is never ideal and primarily increases possible collision. You might be driving slowly but still endeavor to follow the car in front with sufficient distance. This trick will help you think of the best way to respond if there is sudden debris the front driver encounters. Plus, the space you give will help you see the debris well and calculate what to do to avoid it or minimize the damage to your car.


4.Contact the appropriate authorities.

Road safety officers are unaware of some debris on the road, which means we have a duty to let them know. If we all do our responsibility of reporting both small and dangerous debris, we would be saving someone’s life. Your duty isn’t to try to remove the debris but to make the complaint, and the right person will be sent to make the road safer for everyone’s use. So, do well to report timely and to the appropriate authority.


Most of the road accidents occurring in the US are due to the debris on the road. These tips have been saving lives and can save yours as well if you follow them to the latter.

However, if you need a collision repair done on your car, contacting Maa auto collision centre is a good move. We are trustworthy autobody shops that deal with fixing all kinds of car issues. Whatever car make or model you might own, we are here to help you get it back to the way it was. Give us a call today at Maan auto collision centre, and we will meet your car needs quickly.


Collision repair Driving & Safety

Parking Lot Dents: 4 Ways to Protect Your Car’s Paint

During summer, it always seems like more cars are on the road than usual. This is very true as so many people want to go out to enjoy the heat that winter has prevented. But, with the many vehicles on the road, there is more possibility of getting your car dented.

This article is written to help you note how to be more aware of the dangers that can cause harm to your vehicle. So, keep reading if you want to keep your car’s paints for long and help preserve your funds.

1.  Consider walking instead

This doesn’t mean you will walk from home to the store or to work. But instead of looking for ways to park close to a mall and get sandwiched between other cars, park away from there. It might not be so far away, but it should be a safe place for your car such that you need to walk a little to get there. In fact, parking outside of the regular clustered parking lot will make going in and out faster as you won’t have to wait for the car behind or in front to move.

2. Create sufficient space between other vehicles

The mistake most drivers make is not positioning their car well when parking. If you park very close to another vehicle, you might deter them from opening their vehicle quickly, which might cause a dent in your car or theirs. So, leave room on both sides of your vehicle and also in front and back to allow the next driver to move freely.

3. Take note of vehicles with car seats.

Before you park next to another car, be sure the car doesn’t have a car seat. This car seat is common to those who have kids, and you can be sure your car will not be the primary thought of those kids. If you don’t want to bear the cross of those dents caused by kids unaware of what they are doing, then avoid parking close to such cars or give enough room.

4. Drive-in or out carefully

It can be easy to park into an allocated space in a parking lot, but it is vital to still carefully do so if you don’t want to bump into another car. More importantly, calculate your turns well so you won’t turn in the wrong direction and cause a hit when you are driving out. So, pull out with extra caution every time. If you don’t know how best to drive in a confined space, parking far away is still your best bet as you won’t have to worry about hitting another car.

What if you get a dent?

All these tips will help you avoid getting dents on your car carefully, but if you still find yourself in such a situation, what do you do?

It is not impossible to find yourself in this event but getting a good autobody shop to help you work on the car is the next big step. Maan auto collision centre is one autobody shop known to give the best dent repair using the latest technology. We can help you with all the insurance claims and many paperwork involved. We would love you to work with us schedule an appointment with us today.

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What Do You Do If Your Parked Car Is Hit

Whether you monitor your car all day long or not, it is not impossible to find out that it has been hit by another vehicle while parked. Yes, you can be extra careful and vigilant, but you need to have a plan instead of freezing when you see the already done accident on your car.

When that happens, do you know the next steps to take?

Well, we have outlined the practicable steps anyone in this situation ought to take to get the best results.

1. Call the Police

When you see your parked car hit by another vehicle, your first call of response should be to call the police. The role of the police in that situation is to document the incident formally. The report they write on the accident is an important document required to file for an insurance claim.

2.  Contact the driver

After the police have been contacted, you also need to contact the driver. Most drivers leave notes to make it easy for you to locate them and get their insurance details. Some notes will already contain the details of their insurance company which makes it faster to contact the company that will fund the repair. Just make sure you contact the right sources to get the repairs done as quickly as possible.

3. Document the accident

The next thing is to do personal documentation. If you can, ask people around if they witnessed the accident. If you find such people who are willing to give out their contact details, document it well and thank them for their help. Then move over to your vehicle to see the extent of the damage. Check every dent you find and note them down. Also, pictures are essential so, take good photos and videos from different angles that will help you file a substantial insurance claim.

4. Contact the insurance company.

Once you know all the significant damages on your car and you have documented it well, your following line of action is to call the insurance company. Contacting the insurance company at this early stage will help you communicate the details of the accident more accurately as it is still fresh in your mind. But don’t call when you are unsure of what happened in the car or when you see the hit car.

What if the hitting car driver does not leave a contact note?

In most hit-and-run cases, the driver is not likely to come down to write a note. If that happens, the big question many people ask is, “who will foot the bill of the car damages?

Well, the answer to this car issue is simple if you have a dependable auto insurance agent. Once the accident happens, contact them and ask what options are available for you.

If your insurance policy doesn’t have great options, you will have a limited solution to the issue. But if they do, you are at an advantage. 

Here you go- the tips you need to scale through if your parked car is hit. Hopefully, these tips above will help you have an easy experience, save money and time in the process when such an incident occurs.

We are here to help!

Truthfully, you can be extra careful and still find your car hit as these are almost normal accidents that happen often. If you are in this situation, you are not alone as we at Maan auto collision centre are here for you.

Our company has a team of trained professionals that will help you through the insurance claim down to the repairs. This means you have nothing to worry about regarding insurance and all the paperwork that comes with it.

Give us a call today, and get a sufficient solution on any car issues you might have.

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3 major impacts of supply chain amidst auto collision repair shops

Recently, many auto collision shops have had specific setbacks linked to the supply chain issues they are encountering. This setback makes it almost impossible for many auto body repair shops to get the necessary materials needed for major repairs. But, the cause of this shortage is unknown to many customers which is why they are casting the blame on the wrong people.

In this article, we will discuss top three reasons these supplies have been delayed in the automotive sector.

1.  Global shortage of raw materials

It seems like every auto body shop seems to be short of raw materials, and this is because the shortage is global. Because of the pandemic that caused shutdowns everywhere in the US and other parts of the world, manufacturers have had difficulty producing raw materials. This is why it is difficult for the supplier to assure the autobody shop of timely delivery as they are not in the production end. The best way to address this issue is by proper planning and scheduling by the manufacturers to better balance demand and supply, which will ultimately prevent delays.

2.  Shortage of staff in the transportation industry

Once the auto parts are ready for delivery, the next thing that often delays is the transportation issues. The parts come from different continents, which means they have to pass through the sea and be cleared by customs. The delay begins when the number of personnel available to clear the goods is limited. There have been so many daily clearings of medical items for COVID purposes, which has made the short-staffed customs already stretched and unable to do the clearing speedily. With all this clearing traffic, the goods will take longer to get to the local shop you can readily access.

3.  Increase in international tariff

Over the years, the international tariff has maintained a steady amount, but with the trade relations affected by Brexit and other US and China issues, there has been a rise. This is why many shipping companies have also been forced to increase their rates. Some other shippers had to stop shipping because they couldn’t cope with the high tariffs leaving the number of shippers at a smaller number. Therefore, auto body shops have to pay more to ship goods that would come in after several delays.

What customers can expect

While all these factors are not excusable, they are yet still some auto collision centres that have been proactive in getting goods timely. The Maan auto collision centre has an affiliation with different manufacturers and therefore has access to auto repair parts that are not commonly available for other shops. Hence, we can assure you of getting your goods timely, and your repairs are done promptly.

We might have to wait for other specific parts as we hope that everything goes back to normal in the automotive industry. However, as we wait, we will be of service to any of your repair needs.

Give us a call today and let our team of professionals handles any repair works you might need to be done.

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The Importance Of Wheel Alignment

You need your car’s wheels to be pointing straight and meet the road at the proper angle. And, you need your tires centered in the wheel wells.

Otherwise, without proper wheel alignment, you could encounter many problems while you’re driving.

Here are four reasons you need to keep your car’s wheels aligned.

Reason #1. You Can Extend  The Lifespan Of Your Tires.

Your tires will wear unevenly if you’re driving a car out of alignment. This can reduce the lifespan of your tires. It also means you’ll need to replace your tires sooner.

Reason #2. You Can Extend The Lifespan Of Your Suspension and Steering Systems.

Poor alignment puts stress on your suspension and steering systems. It can cause suspension and steering system parts to wear unevenly, which can lead to expensive repairs.

Reason #3. You Can Lower Your Fuel Costs.

There is a direct correlation between wheel alignment and fuel costs. A properly aligned car tends to get better fuel mileage than one that’s misaligned. This is because misaligned wheels won’t work together correctly. In this instance, your engine will need to work harder to move your car forward, which can lower your fuel efficiency.

Reason #4. You Can Enjoy A Smooth And Safe Driving Experience.

If your wheels are out of alignment, your car can pull to the left or right. This can make it difficult to drive, since you may need to constantly adjust to compensate. It can also result in a bumpy ride and take your attention away from driving safely.

Is Wheel Alignment Necessary?

Wheel alignment is necessary at least once or twice annually. Your car’s tires are prone to wear and tear, and if you frequently drive on rough roads, they can wear down quickly. But, if you get your wheels aligned periodically, you can address tire issues before they lead to costly repairs. Plus, when your wheels are properly aligned, you can avoid tire problems that otherwise lead to accidents.

How To Tell If Your Wheels Are Misaligned

Common signs your car is out of alignment include:

  • There is uneven wear on your tires.
  • Your steering wheel is off-center.
  • Your steering wheel often shakes and/or vibrates.
  • Your car frequently pulls to the left or right.

If you notice any of the aforementioned issues, bring your car to a certified auto mechanic. Next, the mechanic can inspect your wheels and align them properly.

What To Expect During A Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment is generally considered a “drop-in” service. Auto mechanics can usually align a car’s wheels in about an hour. Upon completion, you can drive your car home safely.

There may be times when a mechanic recommends you replace one or more tires as part of an alignment. During an alignment, the mechanic can evaluate the condition of your tires and assess your tire pressure. If any tires need to be replaced, the mechanic should be able to perform the work, followed by your alignment.

The Bottom Line: Don’t Wait To Get Your Car’s Wheels Aligned

If your car shows any signs that its wheels are out of alignment or if you’re unsure of how long it’s been since your last alignment, bring your vehicle to a mechanic.

With a professional opinion, you can get the help you need to align your wheels and drive safely again.